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Dog Vision

Helping your dog see better longer

As pet parents, we want to do everything we can to give our dogs the best lives possible. Unlike children who can grow to be self sufficient and can understand why things go wrong sometimes, domesticated dogs aren’t that lucky. And when age or heredity catches up to them, as it did in the case of our dog Winnie, then it is up to us to do the very best we can to try and remedy what we can.

On this website, you will find lots of information regarding dog eye health. Specifically, you will find information on:

  • The medical conditions that can affect your dog’s eye sight
  • How to care for your dog’s eyes
  • Things you can do to support better eye health for your dog
  • How to help older dogs preserve their vision

Winnie’s Story and a Happy Ending

Our dog Winnie was 9 years old in 2013 when we found out she was going blind and would be totally blind by Christmas. You can read her story here. Her happy ending might not have happened without the time and talents of a few dedicated animal eye professionals. We had to dig long and deep to find doctors that could help her. Hopefully, after reading this site, you won’t have to jump through all the hoops we had to in order to find a solution to your dog’s vision challenges.

We have learned ways to provide nutritional support and ways to care for Winnie’s eyes that will help her throughout the rest of her life. Doing nothing was, and is, not an option for us as you will discover by reading her story.

A little about us…

We are pet parents just like you. Our dogs are our furry children. We have three: Winnie (10) and her brother Rugby (18 months) and her sister Ellie (18 months). All are English Cocker Spaniels. Winnie lost her two older brothers, Tucker and Rocky, at ages 16 both in 2012 about four months before Winnie’s story began.

We are average suburban pet parents with jobs and a fenced back yard. We see our vet more often than we see some of our other friends. After four days on vacation, we miss our dogs. The information on this site is what we found out about dog vision during our quest to find a solution for Winnie. We are not doctors, not vets, just normal people that want to share what we’ve learned.