13 Small Towns of Spain that Will Make You Forget All About Big Cities

13 Small Towns in Spain That Will Make You Forget About the Big Cities

While no visit to Spain is complete without seeing Barcelona and Madrid, you’ll want to make time to discover the small towns in Spain, too. These places are just as vibrant and beautiful as their big-city counterparts. They’re also portals into Spain’s sacred traditions—from siestas to sobremesas—giving visitors a primer on the country’s easygoing, pleasure-filled way of life. If you’re willing to take a detour, make some time for exploration, there are many cultures, cuisines and landscapes to explore.

These small towns should be considered destinations, not pit stops, for true immersion. These charming hamlets are great for day trips, or multi-stop road trips. These 13 towns are located in Spain, from a village perched on a hilltop in Mallorca to a port-sized town nestled between rugged mountain peaks and a boat-dotted bay.

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