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SNOB Milano Clip-On Collection

SNOB Milano Clip-On Collection

Snob Milano Clip-On Collection

This is a mature, thoughtful, and extensive collection from SNOB Milano.  The collection consists of ten new frames with magnetic clip-on sunglasses, the brand’s hallmark, which plays with combinations of materials, shades, transparencies, and matte tones without ever taking themselves too seriously, in the spirit of the brand, to which two limited and numbered editions have been added, to celebrate an important anniversary.

Design, research, and experimentation are the features of this brand that has distinguished itself since its debut as a creative force and a forerunner in high-impact trends, with a strong component of irony and irreverence, starting with the name of the brand itself. SNOB Milano ironically refers to the Milan social scene of the 80s. A little snobbish and glamorous, it’s true, but definitely irresistible. This is also reflected in the names of the individual models such as Crasto, Gran Fioeu, Barroso, or Lillo – just to mention the last few in order of appearance.

Published at Mon, 22 Nov 2021 07:08:22 +0000