25 Sexy Horror Movies to Queue up This Spooky Season

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Pumpkin spice, cozy cardigans, and sultry, blood-spattered Megan Fox? It must be sexy horror movie season. While cult classics like Jennifer’s Body, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Blue Velvet are fair game all year long, nothing beats a crisp, fall night as a backdrop for your favorite erotic thrillers.

For many people, scary movies are a sort of aphrodisiac; even the horror films that don’t feature lots of nudity or sex are still kind of arousing, just by virtue of being a little off-limits. There are undercurrents of sexuality and desire in plenty of scary movies that don’t actually have much overt raunch playing out on screen. But when you do add in the nudity and the sex—like the filmmakers did in the 25 movies below—all bets (like your clothes) are off.

It may seem like an odd pairing, but horror and sexuality have a long history together. Early thrillers from the likes of Hitchcock employed mostly women’s bodies to demonstrate vulnerability and the desecration of “purity”. As the genre has progressed, new filmmakers and storytellers, many of them women, have produced horror from a wider variety of perspectives. Many of our greatest fears revolve around our bodies and the ways they’re consumed—literally and figuratively—by others.

Whether you prefer slashers, body horror, vampires, or movies that are more campy than scary, there’s a streamable, downloadable, or rentable sexy horror film out there for you. Snuggle up with a protective partner or supportive group of friends (you know, to keep you safe from the bad guys) and find your next favorite Halloween-approved erotic thriller below.

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What starts off as something that could almost pass for a dreamy, teen romance quickly devolves into a heart-pounding tale of a college student running from a creepy ex who burdened her with a deadly curse passed through sex. Casual! This film is full of metaphors for toxic gender roles and young love, and it’s the perfect mix of tantalizing and terrifying.

How to watch: Netflix

Black Swan plays with two absolute truths: One, there’s nothing scarier than being on the precipice of greatness and watching it crumble before your own eyes. Two, there’s nothing sexier than a Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman love scene.

How to watch: Hulu

Alien life-forms, compulsory procreation, steamy hot tub scenes—it’s the ’90s, baby! Species is a sci-fi thriller–lover’s dream. When scientists create a half-alien, half-human woman named Sil, she eventually breaks out of the lab to find a man who can impregnate her and carry on her, well, species.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

A private investigator is hired to track down a singer when he finds himself swept up in an evil and murderous world full of lies and deceit in this chilling 1980’s film. Where is the sexy, you ask? The star-studded cast (Lisa Bonet! Young Mickey Rourke! Robert De Niro, if you’re into that!) leaves little to be desired.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

This film, starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfriend in all their 2009 glory, has risen in the ranks as one of the all-time most beloved sexy horror films. Not only has it been adopted by the queer community as the movie equivalent of a bisexual anthem—the “I go both ways” line is tattooed on our hearts forever—but it’s the perfect mix of funny and lighthearted with plenty of downright sinister moments.

How to watch: Amazon Prime


Interview with the Vampire

This 1994 thriller is all about blood lust—and ofc, plain old regular lust. Based on the novel by Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire follows a young Brad Pitt (hubba hubba) as he navigates his eternal vampiric life. Expect sexy scenes that feature Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, and of course Mr. Pitt. The good news? A TV adaptation of the film—but this time, gay! And multiracial!—is coming to AMC in October.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

Campy vampire action thriller with George Clooney and Salma Hayek? Yes please. While this film probably won’t give you nightmares (the ’90s makeup and special effects might seem a little primitive nowadays), you’ll be having all kinds of *other* dreams about the sexy snake dance. Take my word for it.

How to watch: Hulu Premium with Showtime add-on

What’s become an endless series of slasher films that all basically end the same way, Friday the 13th is about young people being horny and having sex. And then getting murdered. You know the drill. Let’s hear it for young Kevin Bacon!

How to watch: Amazon Prime

’70s glam meets bloody horror in Daughters of Darkness, a film about a European countess who bathes in the blood of young virgins to preserve her own youth. Expect lots of nudity!

How to watch: Tubi and Amazon Prime

Yes, more ’90s vampires—only this time, you get a little Winona Ryder as a treat! This film has some campy elements and isn’t likely to send you cowering under the covers, but it’s dripping in vampiric sensuality and gore. A true classic.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

The trailer itself describes The Hunger as “a modern classic of perverse fear”—what more is there to say? Susan Sarandon, David Bowie, and Catherine Deneuve star in this film about immortal love (yes, vampires again), desire, and bloodlust.

How to watch: HBO Max

David Lynch is considered the master of twisted, reality-bending, and very sexy thrillers, and Mulholland Drive is just another notch in his cinematic bedpost. The story of a car-crash victim who attempts to piece her memories back together, this film is creepy, sapphic, and will stick with you for a long time.

How to watch: Amazon Prime or YouTube

Before Mulholland Drive, David Lynch made Blue Velvet, what many consider to be a masterpiece of erotic thriller cinema. It’s one of those see-it-to-believe-it kind of movies, with all sorts of unexpected twists that keep you guessing (and sweating). Prepare for jump scares followed by heart palpitations thanks to the undeniably sexy Kyle Maclachlan and Isabella Rossellini.

How to watch: HBO Max

An ’80s film all about the anxiety of the digital age, the growing porn industry, and enslavement to technology, Videodrome explores some complex—not to mention spooky and sensual—themes.

How to watch: Youtube or Amazon Prime

A movie all about grief and death and communicating with spirits doesn’t sound too sexy. But when it’s Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie trying to keep their marriage alive in the bedroom? Very hot.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

Beyoncé!! The arc of this movie is pretty misogynistic IMO—crazy single woman in the workplace tries to seduce her boss and kill off his beautiful stay-at-home wife, yada yada yada—but still, I repeat: Beyoncé. No further questions at this time.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

The vampires in this South Korean thriller are sex-obsessed. Playing with themes of Christianity, abuse, and lust, Thirst is going to make you thirst-y.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

For hardcore horror buffs, Lars Von Trier’s deeply disturbing Antichrist will satisfy your need for nightmare-inducing content. There’s plenty of nudity and sex in this film, but you have to sit through a lot of psychological torment in between, so watch at your own risk.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

While Ghost isn’t exactly a “horror” film per se, it has plenty of horror elements, like, you know, speaking to the dead. The pottery scene—an iconic pop culture moment—is just as sexy today as it was in 1990. All hail Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Also don’t sleep on young Whoopi Goldberg!

How to watch: Amazon Prime

Jawbreaker is like if Heathers and Clueless had a deranged, murderous little baby. It’s kind of hilarious, totally twisted, and full of angst. The entire cast is hot, and there’s plenty of horny, hormonal sexuality to go around.

How to watch: Amazon Prime


The Witches of Eastwick

This movie is worth the watch for Cher alone. And while Jack Nicholson does “psycho creep” better than anyone, Witches is hardly a horror movie. Still, for anyone who’s a baby like me, it’s a great compromise for when your friends or partner are demanding something scary. I mean, there’s witches!! That’s gotta count for something!

How to watch: YouTube and Amazon Prime

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse, may I take your order? Planet Terror is gore on gore, with a little extra side of gore. Luckily for you, there’s plenty of racy moments throughout this film to reward you for stomaching the rest of it.

How to watch: Paramount Plus or Hulu with Showtime add-on

Maniac is a slasher film shot from the perspective of a serial killer played by Elijah Wood who turns his victims into mannequins. There are some sensual and explicit moments mixed into the exceptionally dark and creepy plot, but TBH, it’s mostly just utterly terrifying. You’ve been warned.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

Let’s be real: Lakes are sketchy as hell. I’m an ocean girl myself; nothing good can be waiting for you in a body of stagnant freshwater. French erotic thriller Stranger by the Lake confirms my fears: Go into a lake and you will get murdered. Alternatively, stand near a lake and you will witness a murder. Simple as that. When this film was released in 2013, it was heralded by critics as a Hitchcockian masterwork of suspense. Watch for yourself—and bask in the film’s central homoeroticism and sexuality.

How to watch: Amazon Prime

Murder, elevators, call girls, and more await you in Dressed to Kill, a classic 1980’s thriller that toes the line between shocking and titillating with total prowess.

How to watch: Hulu with Showtime add-on or Amazon Prime

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