About Us

We are very glad you are visiting our site.  We are Bill and Mary and we have three dogs – Winnie (whom OcuGlo Eye Vision Supportyou have met through her story), Rugby and Ellie.  This website is a direct result of the super-positive experience we have had with Ocu-Glo which has preserved as much of our dog Winnie’s eyesight as possible after a diagnosis of PRA and the development of blinding cataracts in both of her eyes.

Winnie is now 10 1/2 years old and she can see.  That was enough proof for us that this product works given the terrible prognosis that we initially received from a few veterinary ophthalmologists we saw early on.  If you are looking here for clinical proof, there are some studies on the product which we have sited on various pages of this website for you to review….which we did prior to buying this product for our dog.

Dogs cannot read eye charts like people do.  They do not have to read signs on the highway or follow directions on a package label.  So it is very difficult as you might imagine to put together a clinical study on eyesight improvement after using a product such as Ocu-Glo since it would be very difficult to measure the improvement in terms of how many lines on an eye chart the dog can read before and after treatment.

If there is one bit of information we can provide to you to help you through a difficult vision problem with your dog or dogs, it is this:  we found the world authority on PRA practicing at a university vet hospital who has spent literally decades in research on the disease.  If Ocu-Glo is the preferred nutraceutical prescribed by this doctor, then we just don’t know of any higher authority in the world to ask for a second opinion.