Calpak's Luka Duffel Bag Keeps Overpackers Organized on Weekend Trips

Calpak's Luka Duffel Bag Keeps Overpackers Organized on Weekend Trips

A duffel bag is my favorite piece of luggage. A reliable duffel bag comes in handy whether I’m going to a weekend getaway in Boston or an overnight stay in New York. Overpackers face the challenge of fitting everything they need into one durable and useful bag. Calpak Luka duffel is the best weekender bag that I have ever used. When I first got my hands on the duffel, I realized why there was a 44,000-person waiting list. It’s stylish, functional, and thoughtfully made.

Made of water-resistant polyester, the Luka duffel bag’s material feels similar to that of a puffer jacket—it’s lightweight and so soft to the touch, making it an easy bag to hold by its carrying handle. The adjustable, thick strap is durable and sturdy so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulders while being carried. It can be adjusted from 34 to 62 inches in length.  Even when it’s full—and I mean stuffed—it never feels too heavy or bulky to carry and my back has definitely thanked me for it. The luggage trolley sleeve fits nicely on a carry-on, too, which gives me one less thing to hold—a real game-changer when I’m navigating through busy airports. 

This chic duffel is smaller than your typical weekender bag and looks compact from the outside. I am still pleasantly surprised by how much I can pack inside and how organized the bag keeps me. It can store 22 liters. That’s enough space to fit a few outfits, my toiletry bags, shoes, and other weekend essentials. The Luka duffel can be placed under an airplane seat without compromising legroom. 

The bag has nine pockets. There is a large compartment on the exterior that can hold your phone, wallet or other essentials. A hidden trolley pocket holds a water bottle. I also like the mesh pocket. Inside, there is a zippered compartment where I keep dirty clothes separate. Other pockets are available to store small items such as socks, AirPods and lip balm. These smart pockets and compartments help me stay organized so I don’t have to spend 30 minutes looking through the bag trying to find my phone charger.

A separate shoe compartment at the bottom of the bag is my favorite feature. To avoid tumbling them back in, I keep a pair white sneakers or slippers in the bottom section.

It is easier to navigate busy airports with a trolley sleeve.

The shoe compartment is one of the best features of this bag.

This duffel comes in the Matte Oatmeal shade, which is a trendy, neutral color that looks great with anything. The duffel is also available in Rose Quartz and Matte Black. The Luka duffel comes with a limited Calpak warranty of one year. This guarantees that the brand will replace or repair any defect in the material within one year. Plus, this water-resistant material is so easy to clean—simply wipe it down after traveling to disinfect it or if you’ve had any accidental spills.

There are countless features that set this duffel bag apart from others I’ve used, but I particularly love how comfortable it is to carry, that there’s a place for everything, and its versatility—it’s functional for overnight stays, weekend trips, as a personal item on a flight, or even as a gym bag. The Calpak Luka duffel fits everything I need and more—I’ll be reaching for it on my next trip and the one after that.

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