Dog Supplements

We have often asked ourselves whether the dog food we are giving our dogs gives them every nutrient they need Ocu-Glo Dog Supplementsto fully nourish their bodies.  The fact is that most of us feed our dogs the same thing every day, day in and day out.  So they are getting the nutrients that are supplied in this dog food or that one…in abundance.

No one dog food can provide every nutrient there is. It wouldn’t be practical or cost effective. Just as with people you’ll find dogs that need more of some, less of others.

Many people take multi-vitamins to help support their need for vitamin C, or memory support or joint support. Dogs are no different; at different stages of their lives their diet needs to adapt to their specific needs.

We give our dog Winnie Ocu-Glo because she needs its special formulation to support her eye health. There are ingredients in this supplement that she cannot get from her diet. We are not pharmacists and we can’t possibly know what combinations of which ingredients will help her most. It is our job, however, to make sure that she gets the best and purest ingredients, from a reputable source that will address her problems most effectively.

On the right side of this page are links to different supplement ingredients that are included in Ocu-Glo. There is a very good, and clinically proven, reason why each has been formulated into this wonderful product. Each addresses a particular need that contributes to the quality of vision. If your dog is having eye complications as a result of diabetes, cataracts or glaucoma, we urge you to read about what goes into this product and why.

We have nothing but good things to say about Ocu-Glo but know that you will want to investigate for yourself – we did.



Just an update:

We recently had occasion to test another product for dogs, Diarrice.  This supplement treats diarrhea in dogs and it is the fastest working probiotic we’ve tried to address the symptoms and discomfort of diarrhea.  Check out their video below and the next time your dog eats a rich plate of gravy and meat from your table and gets diarrhea or an upset tummy, serve them Diarrice for quick results.