'Happiness'! 1000-Lb Friends’ Vannessa Cross Talks Weight Loss Journey

'Happiness'! 1000-Lb Friends’ Vannessa Cross Talks Weight Loss Journey

Enjoy the journey! 1000-Lb Friends Star Vannessa Cross didn’t want to undergo bariatric surgery — until a family tragedy and a health scare changed her mind.

“I never really wanted to [lose weight]. It was something that I wasn’t keen to do. I’ve had several surgeries due to my medical issues throughout my life. So I don’t wanna put myself under the knife and I [was] happy being fat,” Cross, 44, exclusively told Us Weekly While promoting season 2 for her TLC series. “But when I lost my father and then was diagnosed with cancer — and I’m now cancer free, thank God — It woke me up to see that life is short. In a split second, life can be taken from you. So it’s time to either start doing something or give up on life altogether.”

Georgia native, who has appeared on 1000-Lb Friends since it premiered in February 2022, initially couldn’t lose the weight necessary to qualify for the procedure. However, she eventually made small changes to her life that helped her reach her goals — but that doesn’t mean it was easy.

“I started getting my life together. The first thing I did, the very first thing I did, to start losing weight was I cut out soda, I cut out sugar and I cut out bread,” she told Contact Us. “Those were the hardest. It’s the most traumatic thing you can ever do in your life. I had depression, I had anger. When you can’t eat your food, when your addiction, your happiness, your joy has been food for so many years. And I’m talking 20-plus years in my life, 40-plus years, right? It’s been my happiness, it’s been my joy, it’s been my pleasure.”

While Cross said she was “miserable” trying to shed pounds, she ultimately realized that “in the misery, I was gaining happiness.” Now, she wants other people to understand starting a weight loss journey doesn’t have to feel like torture.

“I don’t want anybody to think that you have to be unhappy and miserable,” she explained. “No, you can be happy and lose weight. You must make yourself happy. I found joy in coloring, sewing, getting out, going to thrift store, searching around things, like, that is where I found my joy, my comfort instead of eating.”

The TV personality revealed that she lost a total of 50 lbs over time before being approved for bariatric surgery, but following the procedure, she began to drop weight “fast,” losing over 70 lbs within the first six months due to being put on a liquid diet — something Cross called “no easy feat.”

Now that she’s on the other side of surgery, the reality star is all about staying positive and spending time with her 1000-Lb Friends costars — Meghan Crumpler Ashley Sutton And Tina Arnold — and even going out on a few dates.

“My thing is, [when I was] the big fat Vannessa, a date would’ve been me going to his house, doing the dang thing and then me going home. When I say dating now, it’s so different,” she explained, adding that she’s met two men — a surgical technician and a cop — who are both “good people.”

While Cross says she does want to get married again, she’s keeping her “options open” and waiting for The One. “As I change my expectations of a boyfriend that further would be a husband is changing because my needs are changing. My needs are changing. I need someone that is slightly on a healthy level so that I don’t have to fight or argue over any kind of food or anything like that. There are many options. I’m doing pretty good with it.”

As for if Cross’ romantic life will be featured on the show any time soon, fans will have to see, but the mom of two hinted that she isn’t ruling it out. “There may be something,” she teased.

1000-Lb Friends airs on TLC Wednesdays, 10 p.m. ET.

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‘Happiness’! 1000-Lb Friends’ Vannessa Cross Talks Weight Loss Journey

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