Mariah Carey Is Perfectly Fine ~Without~ a Bra: See the Singer’s Sexiest Braless Photos

See Mariah Carey Sexiest Bikini Pictures Over Years

All anyone wants for Christmas — and any time of the year — is Mariah Carey. The whistle voice queen is well-known for her powerful vocals, infectious confidence and award-winning smile. So, it comes as no surprise that the “Always Be My Baby” artist has stepped out wearing some heart-stopping outfits throughout her career, including braless ensembles. After all, she doesn’t need any support from a bra to dazzle on the red carpet or on stage. 

Mariah shows off her body in every outfit she wears, whether it’s a sexy mermaid style gown or a sleeveless one. 

Mariah is a curvy icon who has spoken out about her secret to maintaining her curvy figure. In an interview in November 2011, Mariah shared her secrets with Us Weekly, Grammy Award Winner, Monroe and twins Moroccan, shared their weight loss after having children with her ex-husband. Nick Cannon

“It was a huge blessing to be able to have the babies,” she said before adding, “But I felt trapped in my body because I couldn’t move. “I’m proud of how hard I worked to get my body back … I had to do this for me.”

Mariah shared her amazing hourglass figure with us by explaining that she had a new workout routine and a new diet. 

Mariah is a New Yorker who is well-known for her bold fashion sense. However, she has also had to deal with a few wardrobe mishaps over the years. She handled each one like a boss, and continued to move forward. 

In 2013, during a appearance Good Morning America, Mariah’s sparkling Donatella Versace dress stole the show once it kept popping open. Although the frock fit her, the zipper wouldn’t cooperate. 

“Oh s–t! Now the back of my dress just popped,” the Glitter During her interview, actress was heard saying. Mariah suffered an unfortunate mishap on stage, which was quickly fixed by her stylists. 

“Both of them are out now,” she added during her interview.  “What should we call this? The Central Park Saga?”

Aside from the occasional wardrobe slip-up, Mariah purposely dons bold styles when she’s out and about, whether it be a completely sheer outfit or a sexy bikini. 

Scroll down to see Mariah’s hottest no-bra outfits over the years. 

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Mariah Carey Is Perfectly Fine ~Without~ a Bra: See the Singer’s Sexiest Braless Photos

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