For Humans

The physiology of human eyes and dog eyes is very similar.  In fact, dogs and people suffer from someOcu Glo Human of the same eye conditions which cause loss of vision including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration (this is called PRA in dogs).

The eye doctors and medical researchers that developed Ocu-Glo Canine Vision formula, the world-wide best selling eye vision supplement for dogs, have used their years of research and successful outcomes to inform the development of Ocu-Glo Human Formula.  It is the similarity of the make-up of dog eyes and people eyes that made this product possible.  Thousands and thousands of dogs have benefited from the proprietary blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants in Ocu-Glo – including our own dog Winnie.  (You can read about her story here.  In sum, she would have been totally blind 3 years ago if it weren’t for Ocu-Glo.)

Board Certified Ophthalmologists developed Ocu-Glo Human Vision formula based on ARED studies (Age-Related Eye Disease Studies I and II) which were major clinical trials sponsored by the NEI (National Eye Institute).  The purpose of these studies were to identify the principle causes of vision loss in older people.

Benefits of Ocu-Glo include:

  • promoting long-term ocular health
  • supporting eye capillary health
  • maintaining ocular integrity and structure
  • maintaining eye health
  • maintaining normal eye functions

What makes Ocu-Glo Human better than the alternatives?

As we age, our ability to absorb essential nutrients diminishes.  Lutein, which is a vital nutrient for eye health, is just not included in sufficient amounts in most eye  supplements to compensate for this diminished absorption.  So, you need to take much more lutein than over the counter supplements have in them to get the concentrations and amounts you need for lutein to be beneficial to your eye health.  Lutein is an expensive ingredient;  if you are paying $19 for your eye supplement, it may just not contain enough lutein to be doing your eyes any good at all.  All nutrients and antioxidants that are included in Ocu-Glo are in sufficient quantities to make up for the reduced ability of your body to absorb them.

Purest Ingredients – Pharmaceutical GradeOcu Glo Human Vision Formula Ingredients

Did you know that supplements can have ingredients that are sub-par, or not pharmaceutical grade?  That’s how companies can sell products at lower prices.  Ocu-Glo Human Vision Formula is made in a GMP-certified facility which certifies that all ingredients in Ocu-Glo are pharmaceutical grade.

  • Ocu-Glo Human contains Omega-3 Fish Oil which is an essential fatty acid that supports retinal health and is not synthesized by your body.
  • To protect your eye retinas and eye lenses, Ocu-Glo contains the world’s leading lutein sourced from marigolds, FloraGlo lutein.
  • For anti-inflammatory support, Ocu-Glo has Grapeseed Extract (antioxidants and free radical scavengers).
  • Healthy vision development is supported by high levels of these important vitamins:  C, E and Zinc.

Ocu-Glo Human was developed to give you the optimal blend and maximum dosages of the purest pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients to support your eye health. We cannot tell what an extra three years (and hopefully more) of sight has meant to our Winnie, but we do know that it would not have been possible without the clinical experience and years of research that the team of Board Certified Ophthalmologists put into developing Ocu-Glo. There is simply no other eye supplement that we would trust to deliver the right formula for our eye health.