The 10 Top Museums in Amsterdam: From Quaint Canal Houses and Modern Graffiti Galleries to the Modern Graffiti Galleries

10 Best Museums in Amsterdam, From Quaint Canal Houses to Modern Graffiti Galleries

While Golden Age art and Van Gogh paintings tend to hog all the attention, and scoring a ticket to the Anne Frank House can feel akin to winning the lottery, Amsterdam’s 50-plus museums offer visitors a wide array of intriguing options. After you’ve checked the boxes at the Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum, it’s time to skip the crowds. Explore lesser-known gems like a canal-front home that hides a historical treasure, or a mansion from 17th century stuffed with antiques. If you’re into cutting-edge art, the Moco Museum, with its vast Banksy collection, and newcomer STRAAT, awash with talented graffiti artists, both oblige. Cinema and architecture lovers will enjoy the Eye Film Museum for something completely different. Here, our list of Amsterdam’s best museums that’ll have you covered—no matter your interest.

Since its initial publication date, this gallery has been updated with additional information.

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