10 Best Cities to Visit in Europe on a Budget

10 Cheapest Cities in Europe to Visit on a Budget

Getting to Europe is expensive these days—by the time you’re there, you might feel like you can’t afford to do anything. Do not worry! Some of Europe’s cheapest cities can be just as interesting as London or Venice. These are some of the more expensive places in the world. There are many beautiful places to visit that you can do so much less. We’ve compiled some of the most current data to help you find the cheapest European cities to visit in 2023. Without breaking the bank, you can find a coastal cosmopolis, a snow-capped town, and many other attractions.

Note: you’ll notice some wonderful European cities missing from this list, namely Kiev in Ukraine. It has been tragically affected by the war in Ukraine, and should be avoided until safe to visit – until then, find out What can you do to help the Ukrainian people?

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