14 Fashionable Fall Finds to Add to Your Closet

Our calendars indicate that fall is here. That means it’s time to switch over our closets, from summer to fall. Change your jean shorts to tapered pants, trench coats or cute knit sweaters.

While we all have our staples we wear year round, and our go-to fall favorites, here are new items to add to your dream wardrobe this fall, which is full of faux leather, hiking boots and cocktail dresses that are cute—and comfy.

Many of these independent, women-run businesses are ethically made, sustainable, and produce zero waste. You can check them out below.

Sportwear that is flirty

The new Tek Gear collection is a thetic-focused, comfortable sportswear by Kohl’s, which is fun and flirty. Tek Gear aims to fuse fashion and fitness, according to Barbara Clarke Ruiz, the design director and consultant at Kohl’s, who runs BCswirl Inc. “It’s for women who are not afraid of boldness, fashion forward, versatile pieces you can wear, from meeting your friends, to going to yoga class,” she said. “We needed more print colors and patterns.”

Chic blazers

INTEMPO is a womenswear line for the style-savvy fashionista by Kohl’s, too. The new collection is for “women confident about their style, not afraid to be noticed,” said Kohl’s SVP of Product Design and Brand Management, Katherine Finder. “It’s about being expressive.”

Hot fuchsia pink, cobalt, and emerald colors are the key fall colors. There will also be signature prints, animal prints, and florals. Black sequin skirts, fun fur jackets, stretch velvet blazers, shirt and wrap dresses will be available in the holiday collection, which will launch in November. “It’s a brand you wear, rather than it wears you,” explained Finder. The items are available on the Kohl’s website and will be available in 600 stores across the country, sizes 2 to 20 (hot tip: this versatile blazer This is a must have.

An irresistible cocktail dress

California-based brands offer a wide range of fashion finds that will complement your fall wardrobe. The Oakley Jumpsuit Hutch’s color-block cut-out long sleeves jumpsuit is made of chiffon. Elaine Dresses are perfect for cocktail parties and the Elaine Dress is a mini dress that is inspired by butterflies wings. It features a square neck, chiffon sleeves and long cuffs. It’s stylish, light and comfortable. Get it here. Their Oakley jumpsuit A stellar find is also in earth tones.

A poncho

This graphic ruana Poncho by Echo Design takes the spirit of plaid and blows it up — with exciting, graphic results. It can be worn on a hike in the woods, on a night on the porch or snuggled up by the fire.

A handy wallet

Ekster is a stylish and minimalist wallet brand. It’s designed by Olivier Momma, a Forbes 30 under 30 recipientThis is the vision of, who wants to bring back the classic black leather wallet. Their aluminum cardholder It is the most convenient and practical wallet for New Yorkers who are always on the go. They fit into any purse or pocket, and with the press of a button, it presents all your plastic cards—without them falling to the floor. You can also get smart wallets that are solar powered. wallet tracker that’s compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri, which pairs up with your phone to locate your wallet anywhere.

A faux leather jacket

Gap It is all about layering with fall. This includes jackets, jackets, and t-shirts. Their fall collection includes the following: faux-leather moto jacketThis jacket is stylish and zip-up, making it ideal for night outs. The faux leather look is hot in fall fashion trends.

Their chic style is a more comfortable option for a more relaxed look. bomber jacket in blackIt is also available in small, medium, and large sizes for women. Try layering one of these jackets with the men’s rugby polo in green and blue For a more preppy look, you could pair stripes with your old favorite hoodie.

Smart pants

Aam makes comfortable pants for real women—specifically, hourglass and pear-shaped women. The company is founded by Neha Samdaria, and says that Aam is the “first and only fashion brand to cater exclusively to women with hourglass shapes.” As Samdaria says: “As a pear-shaped woman myself, I’ve struggled my whole life to find clothes, especially pants that fit—so this is a brand from the heart.”

Aam’s flex waist pants are an ideal pair to add to your winter closet, because they’re comfortable and flattering, showing off your waist. You can pair it with a crop top or mohair sweater. You might also like the crop pants It can be used as a staple black item in your closet.

They’ve been tested on real women with different heights, sizes and shapes to ensure they fit. And they have a hidden, expandable elastic waistband, too, that’s on each hip.

“As a South Asian woman with curvy hips and thighs, I intuitively understand how to design for and speak to my customer,” said Samdaria. “This is a woman who is not used to being recognized. She believes the fit issue is her problem, not the industry’s, and applies band-aid solutions to make her closet work. I’m excited to be shifting the conversation.”

Comfortable winter boots

These Quest boots by Kuru They provide excellent arch support. They look like hiking boots, but they’re really a great way to climb the subway stairs to make the train in time. They are versatile enough to wear on the urban sidewalk or mountain trails. The best thing about their iconic soles is the snug fit to your arch and moccasin-stitched tip. This gives them an outdoory look wherever you go.

Kraft cheese and mac hoodie

Who knew macaroni and cheddar could be a fashion item? Comfort food can be transformed into a homey style. Your Just Cheesin’ hoodie It’s like snuggling up on the couch with a bowl of warm noodles. There are also a macaroni necklace as well as tons of other pasta-infused style pieces. We didn’t know that!

A large bag

New leather accessories and goods brand, called Ivy CoveThe company is based in Montecito, California and brings a relaxed west coast vibe with all their bags. Take a look at their waterside tote Perfect for taking your laptop to work in cobalt. While they wait, the striped stripes east west tote It is perfect for a casual look that can be worn all day. They call their knapsack “The Knapsack”. La QuintaInspired by the Coachella valley’s mountains,, it is super practical and can be worn with almost any outfit.

You can work from your home in the pants

Everyday Phenomenal Zoe Everyday Sustainable Culottes in black You can wear it with anything. These are the perfect daytime pajama pant for working from home. These are the pants for you if you want something casual and chic to wear out. They are versatile and lightweight, with a high waist and made from organic fabric.

“I believe that wellness is a big opportunity, but is untapped in the United Kingdom, when combined with clothing,” said Everyday Phenomenal founder, Ayesha Mustafa. “I am so passionate about creating a brand that empowers the customer and helps them live a better life. I have always been passionate about creating joy in women’s lives, which is why I founded Everyday Phenomenal.”

A stylish blazer

New York-based brand Zaffori makes dresses built for goddesses. This new female-founded luxury apparel platform represents a variety of couture and luxury designers who specialize in made-to-order and made-to-measure garments—ones which you probably wouldn’t find on your own. It’s a new multi-national luxury ecommerce platform that offers exclusive styles from international fashion designers who do not have a presence in the American market, like BlikvangerHigh fashion brand, based in Tbilisi, Georgia, whose two-layered belted blazer shirt It’s a unique and special fall find. Plus, Zaffori is a trailblazer in the slow fashion space, allowing for zero waste, so there’s that, too.

Boots that reach the knees

Rag & Co has a pair of black suede leather calf boots These are great to wear with a stylish skirt or dress in winter. They’re warm, sleek and have a structured silhouette that goes over a pair of jeggings, even. A pair of shoes that will last for years is worth having in your shoe collection.

A flirty skirt

Israeli-American fashion designer Gita Omri’s slogan is pretty much: “Not plus, not minus… just womenswear.” As a body positive fashion designer, her latest luxury collection showcased women’s sizes from size 0 to 30. Above, this fun, flirty skirt is paired up with a colorful crop top as part of her “Resilience” collection for spring/summer 2023. “Fashion knows no size, and size knows no style limits,” says Omri. “We do not segregate with the sizing groups. We have one collection that is from size 0-30.”

“I find inspiration in the resilience of women,” she adds. “We all have our own journey, our own story. Fashion and clothing are a way to tell the world our story. Our bodies are a major part of our evolution; that’s why inclusive sizing is so important.”

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