The 20 best white button-down shirts for women (2023)

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The white button-down shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple that transcends season and dress code. It can be professional or sexy; it is a great choice for errands at the weekend, a trip down to the seaside, or even a black tie event. The soft, over-sized number can also be used as pajamas. 

The white button-down, or WBD as I like to call it, also happens to be one of my favorite souvenirs to bring home from a trip—not only because they can squeeze into overpacked luggage—but putting one on back home allows me to momentarily slip back into the places I’ve been and the person I was while visiting.

In my closet, tucked between the lightly rumpled, oversized button-down shirt I wore all summer and the vintage Ralph Lauren “borrowed” from my mom in 2008, hangs another favorite, lightly textured with a clean, hidden button placket bought while visiting friends in New Delhi. One, a crisp and collarless blouse, was bought in Mexico City, while on a book-tour. Then there’s the WBD with a bib of tiny, perfect pleats worn extensively when my luggage was deThe following are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring someone elseyed on a trip to Florence. The newest—and brightest white—closet member was bought closer to home in Paris at Chloé Stora on the eve of la rentrée (in French, “the return,” a phrase used to denote the country’s return from summer holidays to work, school, and routines in the first week of September).

It is easy to reach for something familiar and classic. You can also find out more about the following: Fashionable ticks all the essential boxes and eases anxiety about what to wear. As a friend recently described the WBD to me, “put one on and you’re dressed.”

I’m partial to white button-downs that are loose fitting with a beautiful drape, subtle design touches—an oversized collar, unexpected embroidery, particularly rollable cuffs—and a machine washable fabric. A good stain-remover and a suitcase that has just enough space to pack another shirt are two things I will never compromise on, no matter which white button-down shirts I choose. Here are the white button-downs I pack every time.

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The elevated buttondown

Courtesy ADAY

Aday Boyfriend shirt

Aday’s Boyfriend Shirt has been the company’s bestseller since it launched the soft, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant shirt in 2017. Aday’s technical silk sweat-wicking fabric is recycled to 73 percent, which aligns with its sustainable design philosophy. Like many of the brand’s designs, it’s exactly the shirt to wear to the airport when you’ll have to go straight from the plane to dinner. 

Here are some more styles similar to this:

Abercrombie long sleeve satin button up

Quince Stretch Silk Notch Neck Blouse

Spanx The best button down

The everyday button down

Sézane Tomboy shirt

Morgane Sézalory’s understated designs are a French staple and her organic take on the WBD is chic regardless of where you live. Sézane offers a simple yet striking way to personalize your shirt by offering a complimentary embroidery option, just above the pocket on the front of the shirt.

Here are some more styles similar to this: 

Buck Mason Mainstay cotton t-shirt

Abercrombie Oversized Poplin button-up shirt

Madewell Signature Poplin button-down shirt with short sleeves

The relaxed-fit Button-Down

Bourrienne Paris X Pianiste shirt

Designer Cécile Faucheur pulls patterns and detail inspiration for Bourrienne Paris X’s shirts directly from the 18th century architecture and frescos of Hôtel de Bourrienne in Paris’s 10th arrondissement. Each shirt is named for a personality trait. poetesse You can also find out more about the following: sculpteur You can also find out more about the following: The pianist Each piece has been meticulously crafted with a high level of attention to details. If you have the chance to visit the boutique in person, request a visit of the historic hotel—it’s tucked in a courtyard just behind the shop.

Here are some more styles similar to this: 

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Everlane relaxed linen shirt

Express Relaxed Portofino shirt

J.Crew Cotton poplin shirt in relaxed fit

Wildred Free Relaxed shirt

The button-down oversized

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Anōmaly Classic button down shirt

True to its name, Anōmaly’s Classic Button Down Shirt is a timeless staple. It’s easy to dress it up or down, wear it loose or tuck into the collar. Anōmaly’s design studio, retail shop, and manufacturing workshop are housed in the same building in New Delhi and the subtle details and elegant, sustainable design are indicative of founder and creative director Medha Khosla’s brand philosophy.

 Here are some more styles similar to this: 

Zara Extra Long Poplin shirt

Summersalt The Perfect Boyfriend shirt

Old Navy Oversized Boyfriend Shirt

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