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Prioritizing Safety for Everyone, on Every Building Project

Prioritizing Safety for Everyone, on Every Building Project

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Whether you’re 20 ft. above the ground on top of a roof, or you’re firmly earth-bound but working with a table saw, construction is known to be a risky profession. It’s unfortunately also the case that these risks are often treated flippantly by a culture that encourages people to “tough it out.” But it doesn’t have to be this way. For many of our readers, building a fine home they can be proud of isn’t just about the finished product, it’s about the entire process—and safety is a critical part of the journey. From choosing comfortable kneepads that will protect you for the long-haul to learning proper ways to stay safe on a ladder, we hope these articles offers some new pointers—or some needed reminders—for getting the job done safely.

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    When it comes to job-site safety, your emotional well-being is as important as earplugs and safety goggles.

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    Working safe on the job site can be as simple as avoiding risks, or as involved as installing a system of guardrails, ropes, and harnesses. Learn how to implement the options that match the requirements of your projects.

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    man safely raising ladder
    Tools & Materials

    How to move, raise, and secure these essential tools safely.

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    A variety of site-made and store-bought accessories increase cut quality and decrease chance of injury.

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    Tools & Materials

    What you don’t know about choosing a respirator can kill you.

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    Be aware of the protective equipment you need before stepping onto any roof.

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    The lenses don’t attract dust and resist scratches.

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    What’s the most dangerous tool that you work with? If your first thought is a power tool—probably a tablesaw—then the answer might surprise you.

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    OSHA and NAHB team up to identify the key safety issues for residential builders.

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    Think working alone will lead to low-quality results? Well, you might be surprised when it ups your game.

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    work safely with electricity

    Respecting the power of electricity is essential to prevent house fires, personal injuries, or worse.

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    Five-gallon buckets keep first-aid kits and fire extinguishers easy to identify and access on the job site.

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    Here’s how to get the most from your saw without getting hurt.

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    Ear Protection For Deck Building, Safety Glasses For Deck Building, Safety Masks For Deck Building, Gloves For Deck Building
    Tools & Materials

    As on any construction job, you’ll need to protect your ears, eyes, and lungs when building a deck.

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    Tools & Materials

    Keeping a kit of personal protective equipment on the job-site helps you and your crew stay safe and comfortable.

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    Tools & Materials

    What’s the difference?

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    I don’t like wearing goggles, so I got my prescription lenses made of safety glass. They provide full safety protection when I attach flexible plastic side shields to the temples.…

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    A Better Way to Demo

    Portland, Ore., provides a model for deconstructing houses that is better for people, the planet, and profit.

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Published at Mon, 03 May 2021 18:04:04 +0000

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