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Homes & Gardens Flower of the Month: June – Misty Mauve Delphiniums

Homes & Gardens Flower of the Month: June – Misty Mauve Delphiniums

Perhaps the most nostalgic month of the year, June radiates a certain ambiance that oozes with remnants of past summer days – while we dream of the bright season to come. This is the month of both memories and anticipation, and thus emits a peculiar vintage feel throughout its sun-kissed days. 

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Misty Mauve Delphinium flowers – H&G’s flower of the month – encaptures this energy through their soft pale lavender hues and aging gray that exquisitely fit in almost all interiors throughout this whimsical period. 

Homes & Gardens Flower of the Month, Delphiniums styled in a vase

(Image credit: Future)

But what else makes Delphiniums the flower of the moment? According to celebrity London designer and founder of Bloom, Larry Walshe, Delphiniums are the ideal choice for the month of the Summer Solstice, as they are known to ‘symbolize positivity’ while promoting ‘feelings of joy, fun, and warmth.’

How – and why – we should style Delphiniums in our home

Homes & Gardens Flower of the Month, Delphiniums styled in a vase

(Image credit: Future)

Use Delphiniums as part of a rustic botanical combination

When injecting these ornate blossoms into your interiors, begin by pairing them with delicate mauve starry clematis flowers and sculptural fern leaves. This combination will create a faded botanical look that is oh so popular at present. The arrangement below was designed by gardener-florist Jess Lister of Aesme Studio, who grows flowers sustainably in Hampshire. 

‘A loose, naturalist grouping, it was created with flowers that bloom in the garden from late May. I mixed Delphinium Consolida ‘Misty Lavender’ with clematis, fern, geranium, and nandina foliage.’ Jess extols the transformative power of plants: ‘They help us connect with the natural world, slow down and enjoy a moment of beauty.’ 

Homes & Gardens Flower of the Month, Delphiniums styled in a vase

(Image credit: Aesme Studio)

Make a statement with a series of floral-filled vases… 

‘[Delphiniums] pair beautifully against other flowers if you want to cluster vases together to make a more textural scenography. Snapdragons, roses, and hydrangea are all wonderful companions,’ Larry explains.  

… Or style on their own 

While Delphiniums fit effortlessly alongside other blooms, they’re equally as impactful in a vase alone. 

‘Delph’s are a fabulous, long-stemmed flower with lots of miniature blooms on every stem. The multi-flowered wands of glorious color add a huge impact to any interior and are best styled on their own. They are so commanding and luxurious that they don’t need any extra help to look incredible,’ Larry adds. 

Check back here in July for the next Flower of the Month, or keep scrolling to read more about what we were enjoying in May. But above all, enjoy filling your interiors with pockets of this delicate jewel. 

May’s Flower of the Month: the meadow buttercup


(Image credit: Future)

Every month, different flowers bloom into popularity, but in May, we struck gold with meadow buttercups. While we love these nostalgic flowers for their jewel-like qualities amongst wild grass, they are equally beautiful inside the home.

With their rustic country-life charm and minimalist aesthetic, meadow buttercups can fit effortlessly into any home decor, and there is no better time to experiment than in the month of rebirth. Plus, this wildflower blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living with its perfectly imperfect display. 

Why was the meadow buttercup May’s flower of the month?

Flower of the Month, Meadow buttercup field

(Image credit: Photo by Anđela Stamenković on Unsplash)

According to Lynne Melvin at Serenata Flowers, this native English wildflower is perfect for May, as it is ‘readily found in the countryside’ from this month. 

‘For many, it evokes nostalgic memories of childhood, and its vibrant yellow color symbolizes confidence and optimism,’ which is something we crave in abundance at present. 

How to style meadow buttercups at home

Beyond the simple allure of these organic decorations, there are other reasons why you should interpret meadow buttercups around your home.

1. Turn your home and garden into a wildlife sanctuary

Flower of the Month, Field with meadow buttercups

(Image credit: Future / Debi Treloarcut)

While Juliet emphasizes the aesthetic qualities of meadow buttercups, she also highlights their unwavering relationship with wildlife, whether they bloom inside or outside your home. Flowering throughout summer, meadow buttercups grow knee-high and are the ideal choice for a wildflower patch to attract bees and butterflies, or they are equally as attractive in a vase. 

‘Buttercups are very happy in a vase,’ says Juliet. ‘Cut them in flower with a few buds left to open. Vary the height of stems, adding airy foliage to finish the look’. 

However, it is important to note that ‘whilst beautiful to look at, they are poisonous to cats and dogs if eaten,’ Lynne adds. Humans, too, for anyone with inquisitive toddlers.

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2. Meadow buttercups can thrive in diverse conditions 

Flower of the Month, Meadow Buttercups in a vase

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

Among their assets, meadow buttercups are refreshingly versatile and can grow in a vast range of conditions. Harry Bodell, Gardening Expert from PriceYourJob offers his tips for bringing meadow buttercups from your garden into your home, suggesting: 

‘You should consider bringing meadow buttercups into your home, as they tend to thrive in fairly dry soil once they have bloomed. While inside, they should be stored in a dry, cool area for around a week, then place them in a paper bag or storage container.

‘The great thing about meadow buttercup flowers is that the tubers can actually be replanted once the killing frost is over,’ he adds. 

3. Use meadow buttercups as a natural remedy  

Flower of the Month, field of buttercups

(Image credit: Photo by Zoë Gayah Jonker on Unsplash)

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According to Harry, the plant has ‘various medical benefits’, for example, you can ‘crush up the leaves and flowers to create a poultice which should be applied to the chest for cold relief.’ 

Plus, the distinctive aroma means the leaves of the plant are bitter, so there is ‘less chance of them being eaten during the blooming process.’ 

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