2022 October Issue: Small Spaces Big Style. Century Apartments renovated., Fall trends


Are you a trends person? Are you more averse to trends and prefer to stick to the basics?

Not surprisingly, I love seeing what’s new. In our look at this fall’s trends (page 28), I notice an evolution in some of the strong design directions that have recently taken root. We’re still seeing the curvy, organic shapes and earth tones that represent 1970s influences, but gone are macramé wall hangings. Now there’s a pared-back polish and sophistication that feels of the moment.

Although I love trends, I admire the traditional – yet fresh – design that Tommy Smythe is known for. In our interview (page 56), we discuss how he creates his signature style.

More designer tips are available in our in-depth guide to solving small-space issues (page 36) as well as in the small bathroom (page 41), which truly makes a space feel big. This issue also features two condos and two lofts. Jennifer Scott’s place (page 92) is a true loft with concrete and soaring ceilings, but you have to see how this art-filled space has been furnished with such originality and warmth.

It’s beautiful. Our second loft is a barn conversion (page 80) that pays tribute to the area’s rural setting, but has a contemporary feel. We also have two condos that are more urban: Suite Talk, page 72, and High Fashion, page 60. These condos could be my home and I would feel like I was in a boutique hotel. This issue is jam-packed. I promise there’s something for everyone. You could continue to tell me about my passions, but I suggest you just flip the pages and find what is most important to you.

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