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Wimbledon Royal Box 2022: What is it and who is in it today?

Tickets for Wimbledon are as hard to get hold of as Glastonbury ones, even harder given how many less there are and the ballot system in place to get them. That is, unless you’re one of the privileged few who has access to the Royal Box at Wimbledon, a coveted spot on Centre Court that has seen royals (of course) and celebrities rub shoulders at the big name matches over the 100 years that is has been a staple of the championships.

The Royal Box has 74 seats and you can only get one of them if you are invited by the Chairman of the All England Club, who takes suggestions from The Championships’ organising committee, The Lawn Tennis Association and other sources as to who should be offered a seat. The royals are of course a common sight, most often The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, though Harry and Meghan did appear when they lived in the UK and the Queen and Princess Eugenie have also been spotted. Heads of state, former tennis professionals and big names from other sports (think David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton, though the latter has been refused entry in the past for not adhering to the dress code) are all often spotted on the 74 chairs, which are “dark green Lloyd Loom wicker chairs”, according to the official website and boast an extra level of padding and comfort than the fold down plastic chairs that regular punters sit on for hours on end.

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Back to Lewis Hamilton and the dress code, there is a protocol that must be followed and it’s pretty smart. The F1 driver is known for his penchant for high fashion, off-the-runway baggy looks, which would not be allowed as a suit (or at least a suit jacket) is required, as well as a tie. As for hats, they are a strict no-no, as they can obscure the vision of anyone sat in the row behind. A straw hat would be allowed, but no feather-adorned fascinators please.

The Royal Box is on the baseline at Centre Court, offering unparalleled views of every serve, rally and ace that takes place in the nail-biting tennis matches across the two weeks. It is between seat blocks 201 and 212, with 301 and 318 behind, so those are the ones to try to get into if you want to get as close to the Royal Box as possible, as you cannot buy tickets for the prestigious area itself. That’s the best thing about it; being invitation only, these coveted seats–which also gain those in it access to the clubhouse for lunch, tea and drinks–are free-of-charge.

Who is in the Wimbledon Royal Box today? 

We are yet to see the first guests to grace the royal box for 2022. As Wimbledon gets underway, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see who will be sat in the Royal Box this year.