April 2023 Horoscope: This month will be the most enjoyable for travel, according to your sign

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Mars moves through Cancer, your 12th house of solitude and mental health. This creates an inner buzz and restlessness. Your mind will be calmed by retreat or travel. You can also find great relief through physical activity, especially when it involves swimming or other water sports. Use the quiet time that you have over the next two month before Mars enters Leo, May to really speed up your life. 

On April 20, the Sun enters Taurus, your tenth and most important house. This will shift your focus to this part of your life. It may seem jarring and cause you to feel exposed or taken off guard at work. Try to remain calm and centered. Mercury will be in Taurus retrograde on April 21st. This marks a long period of restructuring, reorganization and restructuring. If you’re looking for a new job, this is a great time to refresh your resume, website, or portfolio. 

Virgo Rising

The Aries season can be quieter for you, but it is also a time of great internal healing and processing. It’s important to honor what you’re moving through and to not rush the process. Aries is your eighth place for emotional processing and therapy. You can also discuss more mundane topics, such as taxes and loans. The eighth house is considered a difficult place in the birth chart as it’s associated with topics we tend to want to disregard or put off until later, like facing emotional wounding and attempting to heal past trauma. The Aries season is a great time to tackle these topics as there are so many opportunities for change. This contrasts with the full moon in Libra, Wednesday April 5, which draws attention to your second house of finances and material items. This full moon sheds light upon your finances and highlights any financial needs you may have. The full moon in Libra encourages you to think about how you can make more money and what your needs are. However, the Sun of Aries will reveal the ways you need to rely upon others to fulfill your other emotional or material needs. The auspicious alignment between Jupiter and the Sun on April 11 could provide an opportunity for you to support a friend or family member. The Eclipse season officially begins with the Aries solar eclipse on April 19. This will mark the beginning of a 1.5-year cycle for mutual support and care. It’s time to imagine a life where you are taken care of as much as you take care of others. 

Your ruling planet Mercury, which will be in Taurus from Monday, April 3, enters the sign. Because of its upcoming retrograde, it will remain there for an unusually prolonged stay, until June 11. Taurus is the ninth house of international travel, foreign cultures, spirituality, and study. It is an ideal time to travel, explore and visit because this is where your ruling planet is spending a significant amount of their time. Keep curious. Venus, the planet which rules your ninth and tenth houses, is passing through Gemini. You could be traveling for work or working with people of different cultures. Travel delays are possible due to the retrograde station that occurs on April 21. However, you can use this period to improve your language skills, explore new areas of study, or just to have fun. Your travel bug is coming back to stay as the Sun enters Taurus (April 20), to be joined by Jupiter in May. Think about what you would like to see and how you can travel to other locations. 

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Libra Rising

The Aries season is a time of socialization for you. However, the themes and connections that are woven throughout the year through events that begin in April will continue. Mercury enters Taurus on the first day of the month, which is your eighth house for therapy, giving and receiving support, as well mundane topics like taxes, loans and debts. Mercury will stay in Taurus for an extended period of time this year–over two months–as it will station retrograde here on April 21 (yes, this is a friendly reminder to get your taxes in early this year). With Mercury spending so much time in your eighth house, you have more time and space to focus on healing, especially emotional wounds and traumas that you haven’t adequately processed. If you don’t already have a therapist, this could be a good time to find one, or reach out to a trusted mentor or friend who can hold space for you. The full moon in Libra, Wednesday April 5, shines light on your first house, body, or appearance. This full moon sheds light on aspects of your identity that you’re ready to let go of, change or transform. You should approach this process without judgement, as there are many seasons in our lives where it is appropriate to let go. This full moon marks a gentle beginning of this process. Seek out support and remember that there is no hurry.

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