Ashley Graham’s Husband Justin Ervin Is ‘Shooting Blanks’ After Vasectomy

Ashley Graham Reveals Husband Justin Ervin Underwent Vasectomy After 3 Kids- He's ‘Shooting Blanks’ - 919

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Snip, snip! Ashley Graham She revealed the identity of her husband Justin ErvinAfter the pair had decided that they were done with having children,, underwent an operation to have her vasectomy. 

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“We’re in full vasectomy mode. He’s shooting blanks now,” Graham, 35, said during the Wednesday, March 17, episode of the “Milk Drunk by Bobbie” podcast. “I don’t have to be on the pill, thank god.” 

The model explained that for men, the outpatient procedure is the “easiest thing” and requires little to no downtime. “Justin went shopping with me right after,” she quipped. “He was not laid up in bed. He iced it.”

Graham and Ervin, 34 — who tied the knot in 2010 — are parents to three children: son Isaac, born in January 2020, and twins Malachi and Roman, who arrived two years later. 

While the Nebraska native joked on Wednesday that she enjoyed saying she has “three [children] under three” and maybe she should “have one more,” she later confirmed that the couple wouldn’t be welcoming any more kids in the future. 

Graham often talks about how she loves being a mom, despite having to cap her family at five. “My boys have been the greatest teachers and biggest reminders that I can do hard things,” the Love Advent star wrote via Instagram in February 2022 alongside a photo of herself breast-feeding her twins.

Graham shared many of the sweet moments she had with her children. She also experienced the most difficult aspects of parenthood, including the 2021 miscarriage that occurred one month prior to becoming pregnant with Malachi, Roman, and Roman.

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“It was devastating; it felt like one of the biggest losses I had ever had in my life to date. And I understood at that point what so many other mothers have gone through,” she recalled in an essay for Glamour In May 2022. “And yet the world expects us to move on and handle our grief with grace. I just remember breaking down more than a few times, just at random, and thinking, ‘How do women across the world do this? Because my story is no bigger than anyone else’s.’”

Graham is also open about the changes in her body since giving birth to her three children. In an Instagram post last month, Graham shared a candid close-up of her stomach. 

“I wish I saw a post like this when I was younger. The impact of photos like these is substantial,” read one comment underneath the February 13 post.

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Graham has learned to trust her gut through all the ups as well as downs. 

“[I] always remind myself (and it’s something that my mom told me): Mommy knows best,” she told The Bump In November 2022. “I know what’s best for my kids. So if I’m going to make a decision for them, it’s because I am going from my gut feelings.”

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Ashley Graham’s Husband Justin Ervin Is ‘Shooting Blanks’ After Vasectomy

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