B&B Faves Look Ahead To 2023

B&B Faves Look Ahead To 2023

Yearly Beloveds: Jennifer Gareis (Donna), 
John McCook (Eric) and Rodney Van Johnson 
(Sheila’s Attorney)

My New Year’s resolution is to:
Gareis: “To do good for others, charity work or helping people I love.”
McCook: “To stay positive in my personal life and at B&B.”
Van Johnson “Book more jobs.”

Is it likely that you will keep it?
Gareis: “I don’t make resolutions if I can’t keep them!”
McCook: “No problem!”
Van Johnson “I’m very lucky. I’ve been reading for a couple of shows so hopefully something will come together. I’m very close.”

What’s top on your to-do list for 2023?
Gareis: “To learn a language, maybe Italian.”
McCook: “Get more exercise.”
Van Johnson “Book more jobs [laughs].”

This is my biggest goal for the year:
Gareis: “To find balance between work, family and friends.”
McCook: “Stay masked and healthy.”
Van Johnson “A six-pack!”

What do you most remember about 2022?
Gareis: “Traveling to Paris with my sister, and my folks visiting L.A.”
McCook: “Hearing my name at the Emmy Awards.”
Van Johnson “Watching my sons grow up and seeing my boys grow into young men.”

What about 2022, what do you want to be remembered for?
Gareis: “Covid! I never want to see it again.”
McCook: “Any anxiety about anything.”
Van Johnson “Covid. Dissension. Racism. Let’s leave all of that behind.”

What I’m most looking forward to in 2023 is:
Gareis: “Having more family and friends come and visit me in L.A. now that we’re settled in our new home.”
McCook: “A beautiful standing rib roast and mashed potatoes.”
Van Johnson “More opportunities to show myself outside of what people think I am.”

Something I’d like to find more time for in 2023 is:
Gareis: “Reading, taking a cooking class or business class. Just stretching myself in some way.”
McCook: “Sitting at the piano.”
Van Johnson “Sing karaoke. I’m a karaoke freak. That’s my release.”

Something I’d like to do less of in 2023 is:
Gareis: “Worrying! I have to have faith that things will work out instead of worrying.”
McCook: “Checking my email for more scripts…. They’ll call.”
Van Johnson “I’ve done a lot of [advocacy] work, which I love, and I don’t want to sound selfish here, but I’d like a little more ‘me’ time.”

One place I would like to visit in 2023
Gareis: “My daughter is making me say Bahamas. We wanted to go for the last two years and have not found the time.”
McCook: “The High Sierras.”
Van Johnson “Egypt. I want to see the pyramids.”

My dream storyline in 2023 is:
Gareis: “Marrying Eric and the whole family being present, especially my [TV] daddy and his new girlfriend.”
McCook: “Eric and Donna kidnapped for ransom and held at George Clooney’s Lake Como house.”
Van Johnson “Whatever they want me to play.”

I would love for my character to be:
Gareis: “Have a honeymoon with Eric in Europe, but actually go on location, maybe Capri or Mykonos or Monte Carlo.”
McCook: “Get cast in a movie with George Clooney and Donna.”
Van Johnson “Have a relationship with Sheila. I think that would shake things up.”

In 2023, I’d love to work more with:
Gareis: “Patrick Duffy [ex-Stephen], my daddy! Linda Purl is his gorgeous girlfriend. [ex-Lucy].”
McCook: “More with Heather Tom [Katie].”
Van Johnson “Kimberlin [Brown, Sheila].”

I would like to be able to look back at 2023 and say:
Gareis: “That my whole family, not just immediate, was happy and healthy.”
McCook: “ ‘Boy, Lake Como was beautiful, wasn’t it?’ ”
Van Johnson “I’m a black, bald man with a gray beard. I don’t think there are many of those individuals on TV right now, and I’d like to see more of ‘me’ on TV.”

My wish for the fans in 2023:
Gareis: “They are happy, healthy and fulfilled. And, of course, they keep watching B&B.”
McCook: “That the fans are even more happy with B&B.”
Van Johnson “That everyone remains happy, healthy and safe all year long.”

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B&B Faves Look Ahead To 2023

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