Eric Nam Reveals Plans to Release ‘Brand-New Album’ & Go on Tour This Summer

Eric Nam Reveals Plans to Release ‘Brand-New Album’ & Go on Tour This Summer

Eric Nam is preparing for a busy 2023. This South Korean singer was interviewed by Billboard News He also gave fans an idea about what to expect from him over the coming months. It was also the reason he released his re-recorded 2022 version. There and back.

There and back It was released in January 2022. It peaked at No. 22 Billboard‘s Top Album Sales chart, but Nam wanted to re-record it in order to keep up with people’s decreasing attention span with music.

“I felt like in today’s time and age, music…people get bored really easily. They get really sick of things really fast, but it doesn’t mean you wrote a bad song,” he said of the re-released album, which arrived earlier this month. “I feel like art has been so short, so I wanted to give people a reason to go back to some of the songs I think were great because they weren’t the single.”

As for what’s next for Nam, the singer tweeted on March 15 and teased that a “new Eric Nam era is loading,” which might be coming even sooner than fans think. “I have a brand-new album that I’ll be putting out in the summer, I think? And a tour soon after that!” he told Billboard News Tetris Kelly hosts.

Eric Nam discusses his new music and future plans for album release in his podcast. Billboard News Interview in the video above

Article: www.billboard.com

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