From That ’70s to That ’90s Girl! Laura Prepon’s Transformation Amid Plastic Surgery Speculation

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Fans have viewed Laura Prepon Since her teens, she has been a regular on television. At the tender age of 18, Donna became a star as an actress.On That ’70s Show. Now that she’s reprised the role in the 2023 Netflix reboot That ’90s Show, fans are commenting how “amazing” she looks 25 years later. Has she had any plastic surgery?

Laura has never discussed any type of work. However, she is very vocal about her healthy lifestyle which includes lots of healthy eating.

The actress makes her chicken stock from scratch at home. “I cook with it as much as I can,” she told Us Weekly In 2021.

When discussing her daily meal routine, Laura gushed to the publication, “There’s nothing like a warm bowl of hearty homemade chicken soup! I make a stock every week. I love the nourishment it provides for myself and my family.”

Laura uses protein powder, yogurt and greens to keep her skin and bones healthy. “I love to make healthy shakes for a quick meal,” she shared.

The October Road star loves her plant-based diet and regularly shares recipes on her website and Youtube channel. She is also the author of the 2016 cookbook. The Stash Plan.

“I wrote the book because I wanted to share my health journey with people. I’m really fortunate to have the career that I have and to be able to play these incredible women that I’ve been able to portray, from Donna Pinciotti [That ’70s Show] Alex Vause Orange is the New Black. A big part of that is I also want to be able to help in some way,” Laura told Beauty Products: New Beauty April 2021

“Not only do people relate to these characters, which is wonderful, but I was dealing with these different kinds of health issues, and I found a way that really helped me, my healing through food. I wanted to share that in case it could help someone else who is struggling with the same things,” she continued.

Laura is a mother to two children. She welcomed Ella, her daughter, in 2017, and a son, in February 2020. Ben Foster.

“With having two young children under the age of four and working from home, what I try to do is to find moments of self-care in 10-minute increments. Sometimes, I manage to get two 10-minute breaks in a row. I also have 40 minutes. During the day, if I can, I’ll close my eyes for 10 minutes and just not try not to think about work or if I do that’s OK, not be so hard on myself. At least I’m sitting down with my eyes closed, just being chill,” Laura revealed of her self-care routine as a mom.

Scroll down to see Laura’s transformation over the years in photos.

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From That ’70s to That ’90s Girl! Laura Prepon’s Transformation Amid Plastic Surgery Speculation

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