Horoscope of June 2023: Best Days to Travel and Who to Travel with This Month

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Cancer season begins Wednesday, June 21, also marking the summer solstice. Mercury, who will be entering Cancer on June 26th, is the next planet to enter Cancer. The sun, which enters Cancer, lights up your house of short trips, locality, and neighborhood. Spend more time in familiar places and also identify potential new ones. Take a day trip into a nearby city and let yourself get lost for a bit—you never know what type of inspiration awaits. 

Gemini Rising

Gemini season kicks off June. This is an exciting time when you are full of energy and enthusiasm. A full moon in Sagittarius, on Saturday, marks the peak of social activity. Sagittarius is your seventh house of relationships, partnerships, and clients, and full moons lead to revelations—be open to learning something new about yourself and those you’re in partnership with. The first weekend in June will be a high energy one thanks to this full moon and an alignment of Mercury, Uranus, and Venus on Sunday. Don’t be surprised if you’re pulled between needing to socialize and wanting to be far away from people, alone, and in nature. Stay centered. Venus will enter Leo Monday, 6th June, for a four-month unusually long stay. This will light up your third home of transportation and neighborhood. This summer you may discover that you are more interested in exploring the local areas and finding inspiration. Make a list of nearby cities and towns you’d like to visit this summer. 

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On Sunday, June 11, your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Gemini, your first house of self, identity, body, and appearance—this is a special period that comes annually. This could look like a literal return to home for you, whether you’re visiting family, your hometown, or just ending a trip. Overall, from June 11 to 26, you’ll have the pleasure of feeling more like yourself. You’ll also have more energy: expect to be buzzing around like the winged-feet messenger god, Hermes, that Mercury is associated with. You’ll get a lot done, and feel inspired. This is emphasized by the Gemini New Moon, which occurs on Saturday June 17. It offers a sense rebirth and a new identity. It’s a great time to set intentions for the next 12 months. Saturn will be retrograde from this day until early November. This could mean a pause in international travel. 

The summer solstice occurs on Wednesday, June 21. On that day, the sun will enter Cancer, the second house for finances and income. The first three weeks of the month were about restoring your confidence and sense of self, but now it’s time to focus your attention on how to invest in your future. Your ruling planet, Mercury, joins the sun in Cancer on Monday, June 26, and they form an exact alignment, called a cazimi, on Friday, June 30, to close out the month with an important moment of insight around the self and where you’re best rooted. 

Cancer Rising

Gemini begins June in the middle. This is a period of intense contemplation and reflection as the Sun illuminates the twelfth-house of solitude and mental well-being. If you’re not up to social commitments at this time, don’t sweat it. You need to recharge and process everything that’s going on in your life. If you’re able to book some solo time for yourself in the first three weeks of the month, whether it’s an extended trip, a week, or a weekend for yourself, do so. The weekend of Sunday, June 11 through Tuesday, July 20 is a great time to go away, particularly for a mini-sabbatical or writing retreat. You can think freely when you are free to move. But heads up that Thursday, June 15, isn’t the best day to be in transit—you may run into delays. The Gemini new Moon on Saturday, 16th June marks the start of a new mental health cycle. It’s a great time to set intentions to build better practices and make commitments to yourself about creating space for meditation, therapy, or whatever support you may be craving.

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On Wednesday, June 21st, the summer solstice occurs and the Cancer season begins. This is your chance to shine. You’ll likely be finished with your behind-the-scenes solo journey by this time and will be ready to be seen. The sun illuminates your first house of self, body, identity, and appearance when it’s in Cancer, so it’s a wonderful time to spend money on yourself—facials, haircuts, whatever. If you haven’t been able to travel in a while, this could be a time to splurge on a future trip for yourself. Mercury joins the Sun in Cancer on June 26th, setting the stage for easier communication. You’ll be better able to translate your thoughts and ideas, and you may be spending more time with familiar faces. It’s time to take a roadtrip and visit some of your loved ones.

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