It’s a State of Mind! Male Celebrities Who’ve Publicly Referred to Themselves as ‘Daddy’

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The word Daddy has become a way of thinking, thanks to Pedro Pascal! While The Last of Us actor has become the “daddy” of the internet, he’s not the only actor who has reacted to social media’s use of the term.

“What’s wrong with people who like an old man like me? I don’t understand,” the HBO star said during an interview with Spanish outlet SensaCine In March 2023. “What has happened culturally? Focus on Harry Styles!”

The internet has, in fact, referred to the “Watermelon Sugar” singer as “daddy” as well, thank you very much.

TikTok star Chris Olsen brought a sign that read, “Daddy?” to Harry’s Los Angeles concert in October 2022. On stage, Harry responded.

“Is that what you were screaming for?” Harry asked the crowd with a laugh, according to a now-viral video of the moment. “How are you sir? … Yes? I think there may be a communication break down with the distance … but just know … yes?”

Then, let’s go back to Pedro. Back to Pedro Narcos In interviews, actor has talked about his new nickname. When chatting with the Hollywood Reporter as part of their Drama Actors Roundtable in May 2023, the Chilean-born star admitted he’s “having fun” with the daddy of it all.

“[It] It seems to be a bit role-related. There was a period where the Mandalorian is very daddy to baby Grogu, and Joel is very daddy to Ellie,” Pedro explained to a table full of his acting peers. “These are daddy parts. That’s what it is.”

The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. Jeff Bridges If you are unsure if this is the Mandalorian Pedro was quite adamant that the star in reality is a father.

“I’m not a daddy and I’m not going to be a daddy,” he said. Succession The following are some examples of the use of Kieran Culkin chimed in, adding, “I’m a daddy. Nobody likes my daddy parts. … They like your daddy parts.”

The idea of celebrity daddies is not new, it’s just more mainstream thanks to social media. As an example. Christopher Meloni Elliot Stabler, a father of the internet since as far back as Law and order: SVU has been on the air — so since 1999.

“I just thought it was a cutie thing,” the NBC star admitted to Men’s Health in August 2021, upon learning what the term “zaddy” means. “How much am I allowed to taste of this fruit? How much am I allowed to enjoy this?”

Scroll through the gallery to see which celebrities have responded to the internet’s declaration of “daddy.”

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It’s a State of Mind! Male Celebrities Who’ve Publicly Referred to Themselves as ‘Daddy’

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