Lauren Jauregui Talks New EP ‘In Between’ & Growing Into Her Sexuality: ‘I Feel Like You Blossom Into Yourself’

Chappell Roan

Lauren Jauregui stopped by Billboard News She will be revealing her EP on Thursday, 25 May. Between.

“I think there’s more movement to this EP. This is the continuation of Prelude, which is my first EP that I dropped — kind of the sound and vibe that I’ve been cultivating from that point,” she explained to Billboard‘s Tetris Kelly.

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According to the Fifth Harmony alum, the six tracks on her new project were written starting back in 2018, as she hasn’t “locked in to” writing new material as of yet. But don’t consider In Between Leftovers from Her Prelude She insists that the EP represents a continuation of a story that would’ve been told, maybe, in the past. Instead, the EP represents “a continuation of a story that would’ve been told, maybe, in the past.”

The EP’s lead single “Wolves” features dual guest appearances by her ex-boyfriend Ty Dolla $ign — who previously collaborated with the pop singer and her 5H bandmates on the worldwide hit “Work From Home” — and Russ, and it also contains previously released singles “Always Love” and the vulnerable “Trust Issues.”

Jauregui talked about how she learned to embrace her sexuality, both in music and in her personal life, following her outing by Perez Hilton 2016. “I’m older now; I was 16 when I started in this industry and I’m now 26,” she said. “So I feel like you blossom into yourself over the course of those years; you discover yourself, you meet people, you fall in love, you fall out of love and you learn yourself.

“And I think, even when it comes to expression and identity and sexuality, I’m very fluid,” the singer-songwriter added. “So I feel like I’ll continue to discover and engage with different parts of myself as grow and as I’m alive.”

Jauregui’s In Between AWAL will release it on Friday, May 26. Watch the full interview with Billboard News above.

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