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Medicine Betrayed: An Interview with Whistleblowers

I recently had the opportunity to interview three courageous whistleblowers from Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas. What they had to say was a mind-blowing condemnation of the state of our “healthcare” system.

We talked about the COVID vaccine mandates that Houston Methodist Hospital “spearheaded” in the U.S. back in 2021, about vaccinated and boosted nurses getting “COVID” anyway — and being forced to come in to work at the ICU while sick with fevers — and about the tremendous fear that the doctors felt over speaking out.

We also talked about a top executive at Houston Methodist allegedly offering the physicians in his inner circle an opportunity to fake the vaccine — while publicly touting COVID injections as a necessary and life-saving measure.

As a Soviet expat, I find it not shocking philosophically. That is how things were universally done in my old homeland — public and private policy, so to speak — but seeing such blatant, time-warped signs of all-permeating corruption and censorship-driven behavior in America, as if I were back in the USSR, is bizarre. First things first. Let me first introduce the Houston Methodist whistleblowers.

Dr. Mary Crow

Dr. Mary Crow, a Texas-respected oncologist/hematologist, is well-respected. Baylor College of Medicine gave her medical training and she has been in practice for more than 30 years. In the 1990s Dr. Crow was Chief Oncology Fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

She is a member of ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Hematology (ASH), Harris County Medical Society (HCMS), Texas Medical Association (TMA).

Dr. Crow has been very outspoken about the not-so-scientific nature of the “COVID response” from the get-go. Houston Methodist had mandated physicians. She applied for a religious exemption. Houston Methodist denied her an exemption. She lost her medical privileges.

(To clarify, the term “medical privileges” stands for the right of a physician to work at a hospital. In Texas, physicians are not considered hospital employees but independent professionals who work with hospitals where they have “privileges.”)

Dr. Venu Julyapalli

Dr. Venu Julapalli, a Houston-based gastroenterologist, is available for consultation. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX and has been in practice for over 20 years. In Houston, Texas, he established a pioneering private gastroenterology practice.

Dr. Venu and his brother, Dr. Vinay Julyapalli, a cardiologist, are on a mission together to bring modern medicine back to the heart and restore the trust between doctors and patients. This quest has been ongoing for Dr. Vinay and Dr. Venu.

In 2021, after Houston Methodist Hospital mandated COVID injections for physicians, Dr. Venu Julapalli’s religious exemption was denied, and his privileges at the hospital were suspected and eventually revoked. He filed a lawsuit in the summer 2021. His lawsuit is still pending. If you want to know more about Dr. Venu Juilapalli’s lawsuit, I interviewed him in depth about it in August 2021.

Another thing that he did in 2021 was organizing an internal listserv for the “medical staff” (physicians with “medical privileges”) at Houston Methodist. Initially, the list included about 1,000 physicians. It was created to allow open discussions about the current situation. A few doctors, such as Dr. Mary Crow, were very outspoken, and questioned the rationale behind the official “COVID response.”

Most weren’t outspoken at all though, even on the internal listserv. Many were scared to speak up. They had concerns — which they shared privately with Dr. Julapalli — but they were too scared to speak loud.

When talking about it, Dr. Venu Julapalli takes no prisoners and makes a great point: If all the doctors who had sincere concerns found the guts to voice their concerns out loud, we wouldn’t be dealing with the nightmare that we are dealing with today.

Conclusion? Conclusion? It is our courage that matters. The world is shaped by our collective choices. If we feel afraid, insignificant, or powerless, it makes the world smaller.

Owen Robinson

Owen Robinson, a registered nurse, has worked in critical care for 12 years. He has been taking care of patients all through 2020 — until he was terminated for declining the booster.

Owen received the first series of COVID injections very early in his life. He chose to do it because he believed vaccines were safe and effective and had been properly tested. He also had witnessed COVID symptoms in ICU patients with his own eyes. Owen stated that Owen saw more people die during that period than he had before COVID.

However, once he himself got sick and tested positive for COVID — and especially when he saw the vaccinated and boosted nurses developing COVID symptoms and working sick — he realized that the claim of “doing this for patient safety” was not panning out.

He also saw that the procedures were organized in such a way that the vaccinated and boosted nurses were almost more likely to be working sick and potentially “spread COVID” than the perpetually tested nurses with religious exemptions.

Sick Nurses are Forced to Work Despite Being Boosted or Vaccinated

The straw that “broke the camel’s back” for Owen Robinson was when he saw two vaccinated nurses forced by their superiors to come in sick, with fevers — and one of the nurses was so sick that she had to spend the day sitting at her desk with her head down, while the new trainee nurse was doing her job.

Another nurse, but not in ICU, was found unconscious on the hospital’s floor and had to be transported to the emergency department. Allegedly, when it happened, she was taking care of a patient who was unstable, and, based on what Owen had heard, the situation impacted the patient’s condition. His own words:

[When Houston Methodist announced the mandate]Although I disagreed with the mandate, I had been vaccinated so I was able keep my position. The CDC removed the requirement for nurses at the same time. At first, it took 14 days before a nurse could return to work if they were positive for COVID. It was then increased to 10 days.

At that point, I was diagnosed with COVID. I tested positive for COVID. They dropped my COVID from 14 to 10 days while I was at work. I informed them that I wasn’t coming back with symptoms […]. I won’t be coming back in with COVID if I have symptoms. They were like, “Ah, okay, let’s see.” They didn’t force me to come back in that time.

When I got back to work, I noticed that people are becoming sicker. Everyone has been fully vaccinated. The booster was mandated by the government. [… I refused to get the booster after my exemption expired, and I was suspended and then terminated].

My biggest problem was that I had to walk away because when I returned to work, the fully vaccinated, boosted nurses were sick. In fact, the CDC reduced the window of five days to allow nurses to return in the event that they test positive. The director of our ICU ordered two nurses to return to the unit with fevers and other symptoms to care for patients in the ICU.

One of the nurses was so sick that she sat down at the desk and kept her head down for most of the day. A trainee, a nurse new to the job, was her assistant and she took care of her patients. This was not something I liked. I thought that was incorrect. It wasn’t safe to me.

They made us sign this list when we applied to an exemption. I am not sure if I am safe for my patients or my co-workers. I refuse to receive this vaccine.

You know what? All these things you had to agree to that were not only absurd but also very harmful. The exemptions were granted, and then people came in to swab each week.

Then, of course, many people received religious exemptions. But when the bivalent vaccine was released, they took all religious exemptions and fired everyone. It was just a horrible situation.

“Air Vaccines”

One of the most explosive parts of the interview was the segment where we talked about how allegedly, a top executive at Houston Methodist was offering select physicians “air vaccines,” a way to fake their vaccination status to circumvent the mandates — all while publicly promoting the mandates as a necessary and noble safety measure.

This brings me back to my childhood, because that is how it was done in the USSR. Here’s the transcript.

Tessa Lena:

Now we get to the meat of the interview: the fake, or the air vaccines. According to my understanding, this is the exact management at Houston Methodist that ordered the vax. […] They promoted it as a safety precaution. However, the same people were allegedly selling fake vaccines to people they trusted and liked to doctors. To their friends? Let’s discuss that.

Dr. Venu Julyapalli

Let me provide some context. I would receive private messages from others who were just interested in talking about various topics during the exchanges on the listserv. They were either asking for help or answering a question.

One of these people, a colleague, messaged to me that she had received her first vaccination. Methodist then ordered the booster. This was February 2022. She decided not to take the booster. So, she applied for a religious exemption. It was denied. She was basically asking herself, “Well, what do I do now?”

During that conversation, she wanted us to speak to her, me and my brother who are also staff at Houston Methodist, The Woodlands. We met up for coffee and she informed us that Houston Methodist at The Woodlands’ Chief Medical Officer had offered her the chance of fakeing the vaccine.

This is because the person being offered this is highly respected. The Chief Medical Officer obviously wants her to stay there. We were taken aback by her question and she asked the Chief Medical officer if this was something that had been offered or asked before. He replied that he could not confirm nor deny that it was offered previously.

Of course, she declined the offer. After all was said and done, she received a religious exemption. This is what appears to be happening.

Now. This is a widespread problem. I don’t know how widespread this is. I don’t understand where this ends. It seems like something was happening within the…the system. However, I don’t really know how. To me, it’s a culture issue. This is the Chief Medical Officer of this institution, which was the one that initiated the whole vaccine mandate.

According to my understanding, this person did not approve of the booster and no longer believed that this was a good idea. And … and even … he even expressed that. In that regard, it’s not about the Chief Medical officer. He’s clearly trying to help someone and… keep somebody valued and respected. What kind of culture places someone in this kind of Catch-22?

It’s not something I would do, but he has to. And he feels the need to, you know? Offer someone the Underground Railroad.

There is something seriously wrong with the culture when this very policy was established by that institution. They put all their brand behind them… in fact they want the country to be led on… Has one of its own executive officers given somebody a way out of it?

Tessa Lena:

Well, it poses several questions. The most important question, and the one we all know, is this: If someone truly believes that vaccines are necessary for safety, then they would not give fake ones because then he would be afraid for his life. […] You’d want everybody to get it. If you really believe that it’s necessary to protect our health. His own, too.

Dr. Venu Julyapalli

That’s because it’s so obvious that we take that as a given. You are absolutely right. That leads me to the next point. How do we know if anyone has done anything? There was no verification process. If you just said that you had been vaccinated, then you were considered to have been vaccinated.

Methodist will continue to go out there, but Dr. Marc Boom, CEO of MSNBC, would go on CNN and MSNBC declaring that we are 99% vaccinated. He doesn’t know how that is possible. How does he know that someone actually took it? Or who actually faked it. We don’t know what to do at this point.

Tessa Lena:

Theoretically, if you chose to lie and say you got the vaccine instead of fighting the honest fight, who would check your records, your… or your CDC card?

Dr. Venu Julyapalli


Tessa Lena:

There are chances that some people who are considered to be vaccinated by the system, may not have actually received it. It’s possible?

Dr. Venu Julyapalli

It’s possible, I believe. It’s all-pervasive, that’s the next question.

Tessa Lena:

The absurdity of this is simply amazing. This, then, was the booster mandate phase of the air vaccine?

Dr. Venu Julyapalli

We were then informed about the story. This leads us to another question. So, when, exactly, did the system get started? Is it possible that the system was created from scratch? It only came on later when more information became available, and people were becoming less willing to do so.

I can confidently say that I got the booster mandate in terms of my experience. We actually surveyed this listserv and found out that the medical staff had been established in the initial series. There was a huge majority of support for it.

We were the minority. Those of us who did not believe mandatory vaccination was a good policy were the majority. This tide had turned completely by the time of the booster mandate in February 2022.

We found that 75 to 80% of respondents said that the booster mandate and the termination of privileges due to not following that mandate were not good policies. Although they wouldn’t speak publicly and openly about it, they would do so anonymously in a survey.

By the way, per Owen Robinson, unlike doctors, the nursing staff at Houston Methodist had to actually “prove” their vaccination status — which is to say that the randomness of the entire affair was truly Soviet-like.

Burnouts, Mandates, and Staffing Shortages

For months now, we’ve been hearing from the mainstream media that the staffing shortages in healthcare are due to “burnout.” According to Owen, while there was some burnout, it was mostly due to the poor administrative management of the situation. He believes that the hospital became truly “overwhelmed” after the vaccine mandates caused many employees to quit, and the staffing shortage became severe.

Also, during the “Omicron” wave, a lot of the people occupying COVID hospital beds didn’t have any symptoms at all or only mild cold symptoms. That was because the hospital was testing every patient for COVID, even those who had broken legs. They would then be admitted to hospital with Remdesivir if they test positive.

He notes that while he is a nurse and it’s not his place to diagnose, there were many patients without symptoms or with light symptoms treated for COVID as a part of this protocol, and since the beds were occupied by the people who weren’t very sick at all, the ones who needed to be hospitalized had a harder time getting hospitalized. This is a mind-boggling story! Dr. Crow added:

“The hospitals had no surge capacity, Tessa, and they have … haven’t had it for 10 or 15 years. Any one of these hospitals was accessible by drive-by in The Woodlands the summer before COVID. There were no beds available two days out seven during the summer. It got worse when they accepted limited trauma.

The idea that hospitals were overloaded was absurd, as they were already overwhelmed. These hospitals operate at 98% capacity on a given day.”

Fertility concerns

Dr. Crow also raised concerns about the impact of COVID injections and fertility on her patients. According to her words:

Many young women have severe iron deficiencies, which I see quite often. […] We discussed their symptoms, including irregular periods, difficulty getting pregnant and miscarriages. And then I thought, maybe they’re stressing out, everyone is stressing out. You started to hear this in… among those who had been vaccinated, certain as soon as the boosters began rolling out.

You will also notice that there is no baby boom in any of the highly vaccinated nations, such as Iceland, Ireland, UK. There isn’t a baby boom. There is actually a decline in baby births, and this has been observed in Germany as well as in the EU. I remain concerned about the future of this issue.

Okay, because in the Japanese biolocalization study, these nanoparticles were found in the testes and ovaries as well as the bone marrow of the liver. None of the animal trials were successful, and none of those vaccinated offspring went on to become pregnant. All of them were killed after they had finished nursing.

This is why I believe there is a ticking bomb. You can see that only 6% of Africans have been vaccinated. They don’t have fertility problems. They have… no excess mortality. They are doing… and they don’t have any COVID.

There’s something very wrong when you actually look at the data. This is based upon the data these countries release when they release it. Let’s look forward. However, I’d like to ask my OBGYN colleagues if they are seeing a baby boom. You see, every time you put people in prison, even at concentration camps, people get pregnant and have babies. But that’s not what is happening.


It makes me wonder what our life would be like today if every person — every doctor, every journalist, ever lawyer, every artist, every scientist, etc. — chose to be brave.

Bullying is both an art and a science. There are techniques to make people mad. There is a method to increase our sense of helplessness, and conceal the power that we have from the moment that we were born.

I pray that all this pain we’ve been through is not in vain, and that the ones who have been timid up to this second, connect to their inner lion and choose to be new and brave from now on. I pray their inner lion guides and directs them to correct the wrongs they have allowed to occur. It is time to heal the pain. It’s never too late for courage. It’s never too difficult to be brave. However, it’s never too late. There’s a lot of work to be done. Do you have the ability to see your inner lioness? You can.

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