Natalia Grace Barnett Documentaries: Premiere Date, Trailer, and What Happened To The Family

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The Curious Case Of Natalia Grace This three-night docuseries will have viewers on the edge of their seats when it premiers. This story is about a family, who adopted an orphaned child who was actually an adult. Keep reading to learn more about the show, and the story that inspired it. 

When Does ‘The Curious Case of Natalia Grace’ Premiere?

The show will premiere on ID on May 29 and run for three consecutive nights between 9-11 pm ET/PT.

Who is Natalia Grace Barnett

Natalia Grace Barnett is a Ukrainian girl who was adopted by the Barnett family in April 2010. Michael The following are some examples of how to get started: Kristine Barnett. The Florida couple who adopted Natalia in an emergency believed that she had been told she was six years old, but soon realized she was actually an adult with an uncommon form of dwarfism known as spondyloepiphyseal.

The Barnetts were soon concerned that Natalia was not their child, after a series violent incidents directed by Natalia at the couple as well as their three biological kids. Michael  and Kristine alleged that she tried to stab the family members in their sleep, with one ​son saying in the docuseries’ trailer that he “didn’t feel safe around Natalia.” Michael also described how he woke up one night to find Natalia at the foot of the couple’s bed holding a knife.

In an interview conducted in 2019, he claimed to have also been a victim of sexual assault. Good Morning America ​Natalia put upturned thumbtacks in the stairwell so the family would hurt themselves. Natalia also allegedly tried to poison Kristine’s coffee and tried to drag her ​Michael, a Michael.

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The family moved to Canada in 2013, leaving Natalia in an apartment rented in Lafayette, Indiana.

“We were told by doctors this person is a sociopath, this person is a con artist, you are all in danger,” Michael told GMA.

When asked by Indiana State Police Detective Brandon Davenport why they relocated Natalia to Indiana before the move, Michael reportedly said, “Because Kristine said Lafayette is a white-trash town and nobody is going to care or worry about her,’” Davenport said on the stand.

Michael and Kristine eventually divorced but Indiana accused them of neglecting their dependent. They weren’t charged with child neglect due to their 2012 petition of the Marion County Probate Court to change Natalia’s birth year from 2003 to 1989. Natalia was now considered an adult by the law after the court’s order.

Michael and Kristine both faced multiple charges of neglect in September 2019. Michael was specifically charged with neglect of an dependent, neglect to a child causing bodily harm, neglect to a child causing serious injury and conspiracy. In February 2022, four counts of neglect of a dependent were dismissed against the father of three, and he went on trial in October 2022.

Natalia testified at his trial, “I wanted to be with the Barnetts. I wanted to live with them,” and not remain on her own in Indiana.

Michael was found not guilty in October 2022, telling Indianapolis’ WTHR-TV news, “I can breathe. I haven’t been able to breathe in a very long time.” Charges were dismissed against Kristine in March 2023, less than a month before her trial was scheduled to begin.

Who appears in the Natalia Grace Docuseries

When ID announced the docuseries in April 2023, the network said it will be “featuring exclusive bombshell interviews with members of Natalia’s adoptive family including father Michael Barnett and brother Jacob Barnett, as well as relatives, friends, legal experts, and neighbors of Natalia and the Barnett family.”

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Natalia Grace Barnett Docuseries: Details on the Premiere Date, Trailer and What Happened to the Family

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