Niall Horan Kicks off ‘NH3’ Era! First Single, Release Date Details, and More

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A third Niall Horan Album is in the making! A year and a half after One Direction’s former member dropped his second studio album, Heartbreaking Weather The Irishman revealed to his fans in January 2021, March 2020 that he was working on new music.

The “Nice to Meet Ya” singer first teased the tracks via Instagram Stories in January 2021, when responding to fan questions. “Currently writing,” Niall said when someone asked about NH3. “Just figuring it all out currently.” A month later, Niall confirmed via Twitter that, yes, new music was being “worked on” but noted that “it will be a while.”

In April 2021, Niall shared some “stuff” on Instagram with fans. One slide included him appearing to record a guitar part in a music studio, another teased a song that he may be working on and a third showed a picture of Niall’s view from he studio! Yes, there is something. Of course, the comments were flooded with fans wanting more information on his possible new music, but one comment that struck out was from Niall’s collaborator, Ashe. “What a tease,” she wrote.

While speaking with followers via Twitter in October 2021, Niall revealed that he already has a title for the new record, but is “still writing.”

“I want it to be the best I can possibly make it, so it’s not done ’til I feel that way,” the singer explained, noting, “This is my favorite for sure.”


As fans know, the “No Judgement” crooner had a difficult time with the release of his second studio album. Weather of Heartbreak The coronavirus pandemic erupted just as streaming services were becoming more popular. Niall had to cancel live appearances back in the days when it was relatively new to living in a virtual environment.

“In terms of work, it’s been very hard for me — I’ve just released an album in the worst timing possible, in the history of mankind,” he expressed during a March 2020 interview with Capital FM, explaining that he used livestreams to connect with fans following the album’s release. Now that staying connected online has become the new norm, Niall’s third album will, no doubt be a total success!

In fact, he teased the forthcoming third record with a January 2023 TikTok video that teased a song titled “Heaven Won’t Be the Same.”

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Niall Horan Kicks off ‘NH3’ Era! 1st Single, Release Date Details and More

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