RHONJ's Dolores Catania: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Dolores Catania: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me ('I Never Get Starstruck')

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Keep it real! Dolores Catania A fan favorite personality The Real Housewives of New Jersey Since joining the franchise back in 2016.

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“What I love about New Jersey is that it’s home. I could be anywhere in New Jersey and know someone that knows somebody,” the Bravo star, 52, exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

Catania has been a RHONJ mainstay since 2016’s season 7 — and is proud of the way she’s conducted herself on the reality TV show.

“I haven’t had an embarrassing moment on RHONJ yet, but it’s probably going to happen this year,” the Powerhouse Fitness owner, who was previously married to Frank CataniaTells Contact Us. “I’m so corny with [my boyfriend] Paul Connell.”

Contact Us In December 2021, it was announced that Dolores & Connell had been dating for almost two months before their Instagram debut as a couple.

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“I don’t wanna put him on [the show]. Absolute no. However, I do know what I signed up to and [him] being such a part of my life — he wasn’t somebody who I go out to dinner with once in a while. You know, he’s not just a friend. He’s a part of my life now,” the former corrections officer — who coparents children Gabby, 27, and Frankie, 24, with her ex-husband, 58, — exclusively told Contact Us last month of Connell’s Bravo debut. “I’m nervous for him because this is a big deal to people.”

She added at the time: “You know, Paul’s a very successful electrical contractor in the city. He owns a company called Eco Electric, and he’s done so well, and he came to this country alone [from Ireland] He was in his 20s. And he just, like, took over so much and then I’m like, ‘You may have done that, you have may have left your whole family behind in another country and came here and become this huge success in one of the greatest places in the world, but I’m going to tell you, I don’t know that you’re prepared for this.’”

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    1. I always wanted to go to Ireland, and I’ve been there three times this year.
    2. Now I’d like to visit the Maldives. The water is so beautiful. Give me sun and a beach, and I’m good.
    3. My favorite RHONJ memory was last year’s Maimonides softball game. We all came together for charity. [by] It was fun playing against doctors who were enjoying COVID.
    4. My first car was an old 1980 Mustang. It was a 1980 Mustang with no heat or radio. I had to learn how to drive it without the radio on. I don’t use a radio now.
    5. As a child, I was inspired by Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.
    6. I never get starstruck. I look at everyone as if they were all my friends. [as me].
    7. My number one beauty tip is the Skin Guru. My No. 1 beauty tip is the Skin Guru, also known as. Kristen Hanenian.
    8. My favorite item in my closet is my Commando leather pants.
    9. I haven’t had an embarrassing moment on RHONJ yet, but it’s probably going to happen this year. I’m so corny with [my boyfriend,] Paul Connell.
    10. My favorite job was being a sheriff’s officer. Every day was different.
    11. I don’t play sports, but I’m athletic. I’m in my 50s, but if you hand me a bat and ball or a football, I’m going to play.
    12. On a typical Sunday, I’m in my sweatpants looking for my kids because that’s the only day they both have off. You can find me in [my son] Frankie’s room watching the football games with him, [my daughter] Gabby and five other dogs
    13. Right now, I’m very into The Real Housewives of Miami.
    14. One misconception about me [men I’ve dated] I thought I was a girly-girl. I’m a tomboy.
    15. My favourite movie is The Silence of the Lambs because, at heart, I’m a cop. I love how Hannibal Lecter breaks down people’s minds and how he’s able to read them.
    16. “I Will Survive” is my go-to karaoke song.
    17. My most common delivery order is a salad.
    18. My Wendy’s order is a No. 1, no cheese, no onions [with a] Diet Coke.
    19. What I love about New Jersey is that it’s home. I could be anywhere and meet someone in New Jersey.
    20. I read Tyler Perry’s Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings When my kids were young, it changed the way I raised them.
    21. My goal for this year is to physically be my best self and to get into a routine that’s not just a fad diet.
    22. I’m intuitive and can read people quite well.
    23. I’ve never been so obsessed with a show as I am with The Blacklist. Raymond Reddington is the man to watch in the year.
    24. A little cross made of wood from Israel is my good luck charm.
    25. In secret, I dream of being a ballroom dancing artist.

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RHONJ’s Dolores Catania: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

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