Savannah Chrisley calls out Bobby Bones to make comments about her parents

Savannah Chrisley Calls Out Bobby Bones

She puts her foot down. Savannah Chrisley Appelled out Bobby Bones She raised her parents. Todd Julie ChrisleyAs they continue to serve their sentences in prison, he interviewed him on his radio program.

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“So… @mrbobbybones – if you’d like to discuss my family and the case then let’s sit down and do it accurately,” the 25-year-old reality star wrote via her Instagram Story on Tuesday, February 7. “Yes – BOTH of my parents are incarcerated. That would be one thing that you are correct on.”

Savannah went on to argue that “between 4-6% of people incarcerated in US prisons are actually innocent,” which means there are many cases that “result in a wrongful conviction.” She subsequently shared screenshots of the studies in question, prompting haters to “do all the research” on their own.

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The Growing up Chrisley alum added: “All I ask is for mutual respect and decency. But for now I will meet you where you came for me.”

Bones, 42 years old, had earlier mentioned Todd, 53 and Julie, 50 during an episode Bobby Bones Show. The Chrisley Knows Best After being convicted on 12 counts of conspiracy, tax evasion and bank and wire fraud, the couple reported to separate prisons to start their sentences. Todd was sentenced for 12 years and his wife for seven.

Chrisley Family’s Quotes About Todd and Julie's Prison Sentence

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“Once somebody is convicted and found guilty, you can kind of go, ‘Well, they are guilty of this,’” the season 27 Dancing With the Stars winner said on Tuesday’s episode, adding that he would willingly “eat my crow” on the air “if it comes out and turns out they didn’t do this.”

He teased: “But there’s really no crow.”

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After the show’s digital director, Morgan Huelsman, claimed that Savannah once called out Bones in a past Instagram comment for allegedly sharing “very inaccurate information” about her parents on the radio, he defended their content. “There is no laughter at the expense of others. If that prison was that extravagant and at the expense of others, there would be laughter. He went to jail for stealing money,” he added.

Amid her parents’ legal troubles, Savannah has been outspoken about how the scandal has impacted her family. During a December 2022 episode of her “Unlocked” podcast, the reality TV personality opened up about “grieving the loss of parents that are still alive” as Todd and Julie prepared to report for prison.

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“In my mind, I’m like, ‘I can’t move on with my life,’” the Sassy by Savannah founder said. “Until I know that they’re going to be there, I can’t get married. I can’t have a kid. … Dad was like, ‘I may not be here in front of you, but I’m still alive. I’m still fighting. You don’t have to live a day without speaking to me.’”

Savannah Chrisley Slams Bobby Bones for His Comments About Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley Legal Troubles
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Georgia native, she added that she wanted to be strong in support of her brothers Chase26 Grayson, 16. Savannah, 16, is currently behind bars caring for her niece Chloe (10), who is the daughter Savannah. Kyle Chrisley. (Todd also shares Kyle, 31 and daughter Lindsie Chrisley Teresa Terry, Teresa’s ex-wife.

“I keep pushing forward because that’s always been my easy, go-to, where I don’t have to focus on anything else. … I’m going to do all the things,” Savannah said on her podcast. “But personally, I feel like there’s a level of guilt associated with moving on with my life and thinking of mom and dad not being here during certain life events.”

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Savannah Chrisley Calls Out Bobby Bones for Comments About Her Parents

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