The 13 Best Moments From Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Kickoff

The 13 Best Moments From Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Kickoff

During the Friday night’s first Eras show (Mar. 17), Taylor Swift described herself as “really overwhelmed” and tried to keep it together all night. 17), Taylor Swift described herself as “really overwhelmed, and trying to keep it together all night.” It’s easy to understand: this enormous stadium trek, one of pop’s hottest tickets in years, also happens to be Swift’s first proper tour in five years, thanks primarily to the pandemic. The pop superstar has released a whopping four original albums (plus two re-recorded ones) since last hitting the road, and on Friday night at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., she told the crowd that she had been dreaming about this day — the day that she could finally perform this wealth of new material — for a long time.

“Overwhelming” would also be an apt way to describe the sheer tonnage of the Eras tour: with segments dedicated to all 10 of Swift’s studio albums, the show entertained a sold-out, frequently screaming stadium audience for 3 hours and 15 minutes, as Swift tirelessly showcased her skill set and various artistic personas across a whopping 44 songs. This live run has been used by Swift, the most prominent artist in pop music, to reflect on her career. The feat is often remarkable, with costume changes and set-piece turmoil, as well as vulnerable moments among thousands of people and sing-alongs to rival any tour this year.

Swift fans will be satisfied by the Eras tour, which is sure to please many. They’ll also find their favorite spots on the set list. Swift fans should enjoy the whole experience, but the opening night was a highlight. These are the 13 greatest moments from Friday’s Eras tour kickoff at Glendale.

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