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Nothing screams summer quite like a summer vacation. The sunglass are out, the greenery in full bloom, al-fresco eating is a regular occurrence, and weekly park days have become a ritual. It’s time to take a trip. Some choose an annual vacation at the same beach rental with their entire family. Other people will fight through the crowds to get a good look at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. While more New Yorkers choose to camp upstate on their Fridays rather than fight the traffic jams in the Hamptons or Montauk to enjoy the summer, there are still some who prefer to head to the Hamptons. Condé Nast Traveler Most of the office will be heading to Europe this year or somewhere along East Coast.  

Take inspiration from us, who travel every day for our jobs. We have travelled from Istanbul to Italy to Maryland and Ecuador. 

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This will be my third trip in a single year to Copenhagen, and I’ll spend four days with my sister. Things I’m looking forward to include visiting the newly renovated DesignMuseum, and hanging out in its courtyard garden with its linden trees and placed sculptures, as well as Ordrupgaard, a beautiful, neo-classical country mansion-turned-museum which got an exciting new extension courtesy of international design studio, Snøhetta. Tivoli Gardens is celebrating its 180th anniversary with an impressive culinary calendar that includes Michelin restaurant pop-ups and Danish produce markets—so I cannot wait to sample some of that as well. The harbor is a great place to gather, drink wine, and dip. —Arati Menon


My friend is getting hitched this summer in a beautiful Tuscan villa. I’m equally excited for the big day as I am to visit Cinque Terre with the bridal party. Afterwards, I’m headed to Florence—a city that’s been at the top of my travel bucket list for years. I want to eat a lot and finally get a chance to see the amazing architecture. I’m staying at a gorgeous Airbnb with a private outdoor patio in the heart of Florence. To say I’m excited is an understatement. —Meaghan Kenney

Nantucket (Massachusetts)

For my birthday celebrations this year, I will be spending time in Nantucket. My friends and I are staying at the recently renovated White Elephant Nantucket to enjoy the beach-chic vibes as well as the proximity to all of the best restaurants and shopping options in Town. As my trip coincides the island film festival, I hope to spot a celebrity or two. Shannon McMahon

Turkey and Greece

We are going to spend the last 2 weeks of summer (August) in Istanbul Santorini and Crete. I haven’t been to Istanbul and Santorini since college and this will be his first time in both places so I’m extra excited to show him the way—granted I’m sure both are completely different from a decade ago. We’ll spend four nights at The Peninsula Istanbul in Istanbul overlooking Bosphorus. We are looking forward to exploring the historical sites and walking the narrow streets of the grand bazaar. Santorini, Crete and the Mediterranean will be our home for a week of Mediterranean cuisine and sunsets. —Eugene Shevertalov

Euro trip

I’m going to Tuscany in June for a wedding, but it’s somehow turned into a full-blown Euro Trip that reminds me of my travels in my 20’s. Before the wedding, I’m going to Amsterdam for a few days. It will be my very first trip back since I studied there. Then I’m driving from Rome up to Florence, where I’ll stay a weekend. I was supposed to come straight home after that, but my flight on TAP offered the chance to stick around in Lisbon as a stopover (I said yes—five nights—I couldn’t resist). It’s exciting to see that I visited all of these places over a decade earlier. I’m excited to see the changes and growth. —Megan Spurrell

Stone Harbor New Jersey

My family has been vacationing in Stone Harbor, a small town off the coast of New Jersey, for the last 20-odd years—and recently, my now-husband’s family has joined in on the fun. This summer we are all renting the same house on 102nd St., which is just south of Stone Harbor’s charming Downtown, and a short walk from the Beach. The island is a place I want to explore on my bike, read books on the beach and enjoy long afternoons. I am looking forward to the early morning cups of coffee on the porch before dinner, and the vodka cocktails we will all share after a busy day in the sun. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends in a place that we all enjoy. —Betsy Blumenthal

Assateague in Maryland

Some people get tired of camping with age (the hard ground! I know some people grow out of camping as they age (the hard ground!I am grateful that I have chosen the opposite path. It’s great to sleep outside in the warm summer months. One of my upcoming camping trips is to Assateague National Seashore in Maryland, which I’ve read about for years—a herd of wild horses roam free on the beach, and if you manage to snag a reservation when they open in January, you get to sleep right on the sand. We’re going to go swimming, drink cold beer and watch the sunset, then stop at a Maryland seafood restaurant on the way home. —M.S. 

Quito, Ecuador

I will also be heading to Quito in summer to attend a local wedding. I have a list of expert recommendations for where to eat – from the World’s Best award-winning restaurants to the open-air squares with food vendors – and what to do, from La Floresta’s artisanal stores and markets to nearby mountainside thermal springs. The JW Marriott Hotel Quito has views that I have been told are among the best in the Ecuadorian Capital. —S.M.


I’ve always wanted to take a trip with my best friend, and when she told me she wanted to explore her Scottish heritage, I was honored to join her (and embrace my own Scottish roots, two percent of them, thank you very much). We’re flying into Edinburgh where we’ll stay for a few nights, walking and eating our way through the city before renting a car and driving through Glasgow and up to the highlands, where we’re hoping to spend a lot of time hiking, plunging into chilly fairy pools, and experiencing the Highland Games. —Madison Flager


Last summer I won an Instagram contest and was awarded an annual National Park pass, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Every summer, my dad and I go on road trips. I thought I’d call him and ask if he would like to visit Maine before the pass expired. The state has been on my travel list for a long time because I’ve wanted to experience the natural beauty of Acadia National Park. Starting in Portland for one night, we will travel to Bar Harbor for two nights to enjoy the “Gateway to Acadia National Park” before heading back to Portland. I can’t wait to eat my weight in seafood, enjoy the Atlantic coastline, and spend time with my dad. —Kayla Brock

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