Nell Mescal is a famous sibling. The Famously Talented Singer has a Sibling

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Make a name of yourself! Nell Mescal may have a famous brother — hi, Normal People Star Paul Mescal — but she’s taking over the music industry one song at a time.

“I’m really proud of Paul,” the Ireland native told U.K.’s Evening Standard In January 2023. “And he knows that I’m in my own lane, doing something different. That’s what’s really important to me.”

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Nell Mescal: Who are you?

Paul’s younger sister, the 19-year old musician, is her musical inspiration. Aside from her music, the singer made headlines in January 2023 following her older brother’s Oscar nomination in the Best Actor category for the movie Aftersun.

“I’M SOBBING,” Nell posted on Twitter at the time, alongside a family FaceTime screenshot. “How on Earth did this happen?”

Who Is Nell Mescal? The Talented Singer Has a Majorly Famous Sibling

In a series of other Twitter posts, she added, “I would post the video of my reaction but those tears were UGLY. I am so proud it is making me sick. I need a nap.”

Concluding her emotional reaction, Nell explained that their mom “got a haircut today in prep for her chemotherapy” before “Paul got nominated for an Oscar.” She added, “Life is so crazy.”

Details on Nell Mescal’s Music

The talented teenager dropped out of school in Oct 2021 to pursue her music full-time. That same year, she opened for her first professional singing gig. Phoebe Bridgers, who was romantically connected to her brother at the moment.

“I was quite nervous, wondering if I was just doing it because I was Paul’s sister. But I’m quite open about that with people,” Nell explained to the Evening Standard. “I said to her: ‘Look, if you don’t like the music, don’t have me play, I don’t mind.’ And she was like: ‘No, I really like it.’ That was a really affirming moment. I still feel a bit emotional about it because it was such a great day for me.”

Since then, she has released songs like “Missing You,” “Graduation” and “Homesick.”

“It’s been a whirlwind, but it was also a long time coming,” she told NME in August 2022 when releasing “Graduation” as a single. “I was nervous putting it out because it felt like I was just writing from my diary and putting it on Spotify. All my songs are quite personal, but this was just really on the nose — it’s all happening this season!”

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Who Is Nell Mescal? The Talented Singer Has a Majorly Famous Sibling

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